Top 10 Restaurants to Eat Liang Pi in Xi'an

Liangpi, namely Shaanxi Cold Noodles or cold skin noodles, made from wheat or rice flour and originated from Guanzhong Cuisine. As one of the most popular snack food in northern China, it has a history of more than 2,000 years from Qin Dynasty. These are several types of Liangpi, such as Majiang Liang Pi, Hanzhong Liangpi and Baoji Ganmianpi. Hereunder are the top 10 restaurants to eat Liang Pi in Xi'an:
Xi'an Liangpi
Xi'an Liangpi

1. Wei Jia Liang Pi

As one of the best Shaanxi Cold Noodles shops in Xi'an, you can find its branches easily. On the other hand, the reasonable price also attracts a number of consumers.
Average cost: CNY15 per person

In recent years, many branches of Weijia Cold Noodles have sprung up in Xi'an. Here are some for your reference:
 South Gate Branch
Location: No. 3, South Street
 Zhubashi Branch
Location: No. 106, Building B, Zhonghuan Shopping Mall, Zhubashi
 Xiaozhai Branch
Location: No. 99, South Chang'an Road
 Xianning Road Branch
Location: 1025, 1F, No. 134, Middle Xianning Road
 Yanta Road Branch
Location: west side of Big Wild Goose Pagoda North Square, Yanta Road

2. Yun Lao Si Liang Pi

The rice noodles served here are added in some sesame paste that enhances the noodles' tasty flavor.
Average cost: CNY15 per person
 Tonghuamen Branch
Location: Southeast Corner of Tonghuamen Crossroad
 Qinggong Branch
Location: 1A-A001, Qinggong Wholesale Market, Middle Changle Road
 Kangfu Road Branch
Location: No. 7, Kangfu Road

3. Xue Chang Li Liang Pi

Xue Chang Li has focused on cooking cold rice noodles for many years. The restaurant is always crowded with consumers, becoming one of the top Liang Pi restaurants. The Shaanxi Sandwich (Rou Jia Mo) here is also worthy of trying.
Average cost: CNY15 per person
 Ba Fu Zhuang Branch
Location: Hanyuan Road, Weiyang District (near Ba Fu Zhuang bus stop)
 Dongmutoushi Branch
Location: No. 176, Dongmutoushi
 Cuihua Road Branch
Location: No. 311, Cuihua Road
 Xiying Road Branch
Location: No. 5, Xiying Road

4. Sheng Zhi Wang Ma Jiang Liang Pi

This is a popular Moslem restaurant serving delicious cold rice noodles mixed with sesame paste. If you would like to have a try, get there as early as possible.
Average cost: CNY10-15 per person
 Bell Tower Branch
Location: No.225, west end of Da Pi Yuan, Lianhu District
 Xiyangshi Branch
Location: No. 108, Lianhu Road, Xiyangshi
 Parkson Branch
Location: No. 30, North Guangji Street

5. Shan Xin Gan Mian Pi

It should be the top choice if you are willing to the find the authentic Gan Mian Pi (a kind of cold noodles made from flour) in Xi'an. The branches are opened everywhere in the urban area. However, all of its branches are small, so don't expect too much of the dining environment.
Average cost: CNY5-10 per person
 Electronic City Branch
Location: Dianzi 2nd Road, Yanta District
 Jiefang Road Branch
Location: No. 86, Jiefang Road
 East Street Branch
Location: East 1st Road, East Street, Xincheng District

6. Zhang Jun Gan Mian Pi

This is another famous Gan Mian Pi brand in Xi'an. It is also easily to find a branch in the streets and lanes. Now, this restaurant can be regarded as one of the top Liang Pi restaurants.
Average cost: CNY5-10 per person
 East Xiaozhai Road Branch
Location: East Xiaozhai Road, Yanta District (Opposite of Shaanxi History Museum)
 Luomashi Branch
Location: Shi Shang Di Dai, the underground pedestrian of Luo Ma Shi, Beilin District
 Xianning Road Branch
Location: Aijia Plaza, No.42, Xianning Middle Road, Xincheng District
 Fengcheng 2nd Road Branch
Location: No. 10, Fengcheng 2nd Road

7. Tie Tou Liang Pi

Both of the Mi Pi (cold rice noodles) and Gan Mian Pi served here are worthy of trying.
Average cost: CNY10 per person
Location: No.56, East 1st Road, Xincheng District

8. Xiao Lao San Re Mi Pi

Hot Mi Pi is a kind of hot rice noodle derived from southern Shaanxi. Usually, it is wider than the cold rice noodles and is eaten better with a bowl of the vegetable tofu deluxe. Xiao Lao San Restaurant is on the list of Top Liang Pi Restaurants in Xi'an.
Average cost: about CNY10 per person
 Youyi Road Branch
Location: No.46, West Youyi Road, Beilin District
 Bell Tower Branch
Location: No. 10, Luomashi Commercial Street
 Xiyi Road Branch
Location: No. 215, New Xiyi Road

9. Qi Ren Qi Wei Liang Pi

Lao Mian Pi is usually mixed with cold noodles and glutens, both of which are steamed, appearing translucent and tasting good! In addition, the black rice porridge, casseroles and Shaanxi Sandwiches (Rou Jia Mo) are also worth a try!
Average cost: CNY10 per person
 Dongwu Road Branch
Location: No. 40, Dongwu Road, Xincheng District
 West Youyi Road Branch
Location: No. 458, West Youyi Road, Beilin District (Near South Laodong Road)
 Licai Street Branch
Location: No. 36, Taiyang Street

10. Zhu Xuan Min Liang Pi

Average cost: CNY10 per person
Location: opposite of Nanfang Hotel, Middle Section of Ximutoushi

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