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Guiyang to Luoyang Trains

Now, 2 Guiyang to Luoyang trains are in service. One train runs from Guiyang Railway Station, taking more than 21 hours to Luoyang Railway Station. And the other train is from Guiyang Railway Station to Guanlin Railway Station with a duration of 24.5 hours.

The running distance of this train is 1,511 - 1,568 kilometers (939 - 974 miles) in total. The soft sleeper costs CNY 521.5 - 533.5, the hard sleeper costs CNY 325.5 - 355.5 and the hard seat costs CNY 177.5 - 180.5.

Guiyang to Luoyang Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train K2286:
1Kunming -18:28
2Qujing 20:1020:15
3Xuanwei 21:1521:23
4Liupanshui 22:5323:10
5Guiyang 02:2702:43
6Kaili 05:0705:11
7Yuping 07:3207:48
8Huaihua 09:3209:55
9Jishou 11:2911:37
10Zhangjiajie 13:4513:56
11Cili 15:1615:22
12Shimenxian North 15:5116:01
13Jingmen 19:3719:40
14Xiangyang 21:0621:45
15Nanyang 23:4323:55
16Baofeng 01:3001:35
17Guanlin 03:1103:32
18Jiaozuo 06:0006:05
19Xinxiang 06:5907:19
20Hebi 07:5908:09
21Anyang 08:3808:43
22Handan 09:2009:34
23Xingtai 10:0510:07
24Yuanshi 11:3811:40
25Shijiazhuang 12:0812:16
26Dingzhou 13:0413:06
27Baoding 13:4414:08
28Baiyangdian 14:4014:54
29Bazhou West 15:2015:25
30Tianjin 17:0417:10
31Tanggu 17:4217:44
32Tangshan [Hebei] 18:3618:39
33Shanhaiguan 20:4821:05
34Suizhong 21:4821:50
35Huludao 22:3322:35
36Jinzhou [Liaoning] 23:12-
37Shenyang 01:5002:08
38Tieling 02:5303:10
39Siping 04:5504:57
40Changchun 06:1006:10
Details of the Train K508:
1Guiyang -14:47
2Zunyi 16:1416:22
3Chongqing West 20:2821:00
4Guangan 22:3122:36
5Dazhou 00:0800:26
6Ankang 03:1403:36
7Sanmenxia 09:5810:01
8Luoyang 11:4511:48
9Zhengzhou 13:1913:43
10Xingtai 16:5417:00
11Shijiazhuang 18:11-
12Baoding 19:3719:41
13Beijing West 21:3421:34

Transfer at Zhengzhou East for more options

Guiyang North to Zhengzhou East Zhengzhou East to Luoyang Longmen Overall Travel Time Ticket Price
Second Class Seat/ Second Class Seat
G1538 11:24 - 18:48 G2051 19:23 - 19:59 8h35m  CNY 708.5 + CNY 65.5 = CNY 774
G82 08:37 - 14:44 G1903 16:37 - 17:14 8h37m
G406 13:25 - 20:24 G1855 21:04 - 21:47 8h22m
G286 09:49 - 17:21 G1929 18:11 - 18:47 8h58m
G1532 12:29 - 19:48 G1823 20:47 - 21:23 8h54m

Where to go in Luoyang

The Longmen Grottoes is one of the treasure of Chinese stone carving art. Yungang Grottoes, Mogao Grottoes and Maiji Mountain Grottoes are the four famous grottoes in China. The Longmen Grottoes lasted for a long time, spanning many dynasties. A large number of literal data reflect the development and changes of ancient Chinese politics, economy and culture, which made significant contributions to the innovation and development of Chinese grotto art. There are more than 97,000 Buddha statues. The largest Buddha statue is 17.14 meters high and the smallest is only 2 cm.
 With more than 1900 years history, White Horse Temple is the first official temple after Buddhism was introduced to China. There is a thousand-year-old ancient well which can bring good luck and health to people. The quiet environment here can bring real peace and comfort in your heart.
 There are 204 species of animals and 1,991 species of plants in White Cloud Mountain. The forest coverage rate is over 98.5%. It is praised as “Natural Museum” by experts. There are 37 peaks which are more than 1,500 meters (4,921 feet) above the sea level, and The Jade Emperor Peak is 2,216 meters (7,270 feet) above the sea level which is the highest and the best place to see the sunrise and the sea of clouds. Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area spans the Yangtze River, Yellow River and Huaihe River, and now it is a complex tourist area integrating sightseeing, summer vocation, scientific research and exploration together. Baiyun Mountain is the first choice for tourists to relax and get to closer to the beautiful nature.

Luoyang to Guiyang Trains

At present, 1 Luoyang to Guiyang train are in service. Departing from Luoyang Railway Station, this train takes 21h43m to Guiyang Railway Station. The total running distance of this train is 1,723 kilometers (1,071 miles).

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