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2 Days Independent Tour in Chengdu

Day 1 Arrival in Chengdu
Giant pandas
No matter you take flight or train to Chengdu, you can take the metro way to the downtown area easily. From the Shuangliu airport, you may take metro line 10 to Taipingyuan Station and change to line 7 and alight at Jinsha Museum Station, leave from Exit C. From the train station, you can take metro line 2 to Yipintianxia Station and leave from Exit B. Walk southwards for a few yards to take bus 83, 111, 123, or 147 to the east gate of Jinsha Site Museum via 2 stops.

Still get out from the east gate after your visit of the museum. Then walk eastwards along Tongsheng Road for about 150 meters (165 yards) to take bus no. 163 to Kuanzhai Xiangzi. Head southwards for 200 meters (220 yards) and you will see the People's Park.

When today's independent Chengdu tour is over, find a hotel near the People's Park to spend the night.

Jinsha Site Museum: It was built on the ruins of the former capital city of Shu Kingdom back in the 12th century BC. You can deeply explore the mysterious culture of that state by viewing precious relics uncovered there, including ivories, gold articles, and jade wares. Among them, the Gold Foil of the Sun God Bird is the most celebrated exhibit and has become the symbol of the city.

People's Park: The tempo of life in Chengdu is slower that most cities in China. People's Park can be a good place for backpackers to experience the local leisurely lifestyle. It is highly suggested you order a cup of tea in a traditional tea house in the park and play mah-jong with local people.

Transportation fare: Chengdu Airpot - Jinsha Site MuseumCNY 4+3
Transportation fare: Chengdu East Railway Station - Jinsha Site MuseumCNY 4+2
Jinsha Site MuseumCNY 80
People’s ParkFree
Day 2 Departure from Chengdu
Wide and Narrow Alley, Chengdu
Take bus no. 64 near the northeast gate of People's Park and transferred to bus no. 655 at Ditie Dongwuyuan Stop. Get off at Xiongmao Jidi and walk eastwards for a few yards to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. After that, reverse the trip back to People's Park, and then head westwards for a few yards to the first crossing. Turn north and go along Changshunshang Street for 250 meters (273 yards) to the Wide and Narrow Alley.

Your two-day Xian side trip to Chengdu will come to an end at this point. Please take metro line 2 from People's Park to Chengdu East Railway Station. Here you can take a high speed train to Chongqing or Xian. Alternatively, you can take a taxi to the airport at a cost of around CNY55 for flight to another popular tourist destination, such as Guilin, Kunming, Shanghai, or Beijing.

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding: Over 100 giant pandas live in the lush bamboo forest there and you can look closely at these adorable animals through the fence. It is suggested you arrive there before 9:30. These lovely pandas usually have their meals during 9:00 - 11:00 and they will be very active at that time.

Wide and Narrow Alley: Wide and Narrow Alley is a historical block in Chengdu, brimming with buildings constructed in the late Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911). Besides admiring the old buildings, visitors can have a chance to enjoy the Face Changes of Sichuan Opera in old tea houses. It is also a prosperous snack street and you can feast your stomach with various local delicacies.

Transportation fare: People’s Park - Panda BaseCNY 2+1
Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda BreedingCNY 58
Wide and Narrow AlleyFree
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Asked by Mr.Hsu from CANADA | Apr. 07, 2010 23:23Reply
How do you get to Yan'An from Shanghai?
What would a guided tour for 5 people (4 star hotel) cost for a 3 day tour from Shanghai to Yan'An and Hukou Waterfall.
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Shab | Apr. 09, 2010 04:04

You can take flight from Shanghai to Xi'an first, and then take bus or train to Yan'an. For the tour cost, you'd better consult the tour operators who are more professional.
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