Best Time to Visit Guangzhou

Compared with the humid spring, scorching summer, and cold winter, autumn is the best time to visit Guangzhou, especially late September to early December. During this period, mild weather makes it very comfortable for tourists to travel around.

guangzhou best time to visit

Peak season: May to November

Though tourists may spend more on booking plane ticket, train ticket or hotel room during the peak season, they have easier access to more amenities of transportation, shopping, entertainment, and so on. 

Slack season: December to April

Less expense is the primary advantage of traveling to Guangzhou during the slack season. Hotels, restaurants and souvenir stores around attractions often provide tourists with luring discounts. Moreover, without any large crowd of people, one may fully enjoy the scenery and take beautiful photos. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the winter of Guangzhou is not that cold, due to the low latitude, and a thick coat is totally enough.

Times to Avoid Travel

When overseas tourists think about the best time to travel to Guangzhou, China’s public holidays should be excluded. One should better avoid visiting Guangzhou during the Chinese New Year holiday in late January or early to middle February, or the Chinese National Day Holiday from Oct. 1st to 7th. Otherwise tourists may feel upset by the expensive accommodation charge and the crowded scenic spots. Other holidays worth noticing include the Qingming Festival, May Day, Dragon Boat Festival, etc.

In addition, the typhoons may land in Guangzhou in July to August, and tourists may pay heed to weather forest and avoid going out on typhoon days.

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Travel to Guangzhou in Four Seasons

Spring: February ro March

The spring of Guangzhou is very humid, accompanied by lots of rainy and foggy days. 
Average temperature: 13-20℃ (55-68℉)
Clothes: Thin jacket, long-sleeve shirt, blouse, jeans

Although the weather is not very pleasant, February to March is the Guangzhou best time to visit blooming flowers. At the South China Botanical Garden, one may see the beautiful azaleas, eastern redbuds and other rare subtropical plants. Yellow rapeseed flowers and pink plum blossoms are also waiting for you at the White Cloud Mountain. If you come here in early February, you may also join the temple fair and lantern show to see how Chinese people ring in the New Year. Another strongly recommended attraction in spring is the Yuexiu Park. Here, one can not only enjoy common bombax flower and breathe fresh air, but also visit the City Wall of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and enrich knowledge at the Guangzhou Museum.

Summer: April to September

The summer of Guangzhou features high temperature and frequent typhoons.
Average temperature: 24-31℃ (75-88℉)
Clothes: T-shirt, singlet, dress, short pants, sandals, sunglasses

As the Canton Fair runs from Apr. 15th to May 5th every year, this period is reckoned as the best time to visit Guangzhou by overseas businessmen to seek import and export opportunities. As for other tourists, a summer resort they cannot miss is the Lotus Hill. Shady path, lush vegetation and beautiful lotus let people free from the hot wave. Besides, one may have chances to taste foods made of lotus root and seed. Nevertheless, water recreation is the most useful way to beat the summer heat. Then, why not come to the Chimelong Waterpark to experience exciting waving pool and water slide? In the evening, it is recommended to have a Pearl River Cruise. The prosperous cityscape, together with the blowing wind, will round off your day.

Autumn: October to November

Guangzhou’s weather in autumn is warm and pleasant.
Average temperature: 18-27℃ (64-80℉)
Clothes: T-shirt, polo shirt, dress, thin jacket, jeans

October and November are the best months to visit Guangzhou because of the comfortable climate. Moreover, many historical attractions look much better on sunny days. At the Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family, tourists can see the well-preserved buildings of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) as well as many delicate wood and stone carvings. For those who practice Catholicism, the Sacred Heart Cathedral is a must, and its Gothic style and stone structure are very impressive. Also, as a city which develops on account of the commodity trade, Guangzhou has many worth visiting wholesale markets. When strolling along the Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street or the Beijing Road, you may buy good quality clothes, shoes, leather products or toys at very favorable price.

Winter: December to January

Winter days of Guangzhou are cool and a little bit humid.
Average temperature: 10-20℃ (50-68℉)
Clothes: jacket, hoodie, windbreaker, cardigan, sweatpants

Early December is also the best time to go to Guangzhou and sample its ancient and modern history. The palace relics of over 2,000 years ago are displayed at the Museum of the Western Han Dynasty Mausoleum of the Nanyue King. More interested in Guangzhou’s modern history as British and French concession? Then pay a visit to the Shamian Island, where the church, bank and cafeteria of European style are very attractive. Besides, how could one miss Guangzhou’s symbolic landmark, Canton Tower? Tourists may enjoy indoor activities such as Ferris wheel, or take souvenir photos on the outside. Generally in January, Chinese New Year Flower Fair already takes place in each district of Guangzhou, tourists may go there to appreciate various flowers seas.

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