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Xi'an to Huizhou Trains

At present, only 2 trains from Xi’an to Huizhou are in service.

The distance from Xi’an Railway Station to Huizhou Railway Station is 2,294 kilometers (1,425 miles) in total.

The whole journey takes 27.5-30.5hours.

The ticket fare of soft sleeper is CNY 640-718, of the hard sleeper is CNY 416-471 and of the hard seat is CNY 229-251.

Xi’an to Huizhou Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train K132:
1Lanzhou -13:49
2Dingxi 15:0515:16
3Longxi 16:0916:11
4Gangu 17:0517:07
5Tianshui 18:2618:33
6Baoji 21:2621:34
7Xianyang 23:2923:31
8Xi'an 23:5400:01
9Luoyang 04:5404:57
10Zhengzhou 06:3006:54
11Kaifeng 07:4007:44
12Lankao 08:1208:16
13Minquan 08:3808:42
14Shangqiu 09:2209:27
15Bozhou 10:4310:47
16Fuyang 11:5612:07
17Funan 12:3712:40
18Huaibin 13:0013:11
19Hengchuan 13:4913:52
20Guangshan 14:0714:10
21Xinxian 14:3514:38
22Macheng 15:2315:46
23Huangzhou 16:2616:31
24Xishui 16:5517:00
25Qichun 17:2017:25
26Wuxue 17:5317:59
27Jiujiang 18:4218:48
28Nanchang 20:0620:29
29Jian [Jiangxi] 22:5022:53
30Ganzhou 00:4500:51
31Longchuan [Guangdong] 04:0504:20
32Huizhou 06:03-
33Dongguan East 06:5206:57
34ShenZhen West 08:5308:53

Other Transportation Options

1. Transfer at Guangzhou South for more options

Xi’an North to Guangzhou South Guangzhou South to Huizhou South Overall Travel Time Ticket Price
Second Class Seat/ Second Class Seat
G820 9:35 – 18:44 G6345 20:38 – 21:43 10h14m CNY 813.5 + CNY 94.5 = CNY 908

2. Xi’an – Huizhou Flight

Now, 1 non-stop flight from Xi’an Xianyang Airport to Huizhou Pingtan Airport is in service. The time of this flight is about 3 hours. According to the different date of departure, the ticket fare of the economy class fluctuates between CNY 450 and CNY 1,500.

Where to go in Huizhou

Luofu Mountain is also known as Dongqiao Mountain. There are 432 large and small mountain peaks in Luofu Mountain, with more than 980 waterfalls and 72 stone caves. This is a great place for relax on holidays, body-building and meeting friends.

2. Dongsheng Fishing Village

Dongsheng Fishing Village in Dongsheng Island is one of the seven hotlines of Guangdong Ecotourism. The fisherman’s wedding custom show is the most attracted. You can also enjoy the wonderful scenery of the Qingquan Temple and Panda Gold Coast.

3. Huizhou West Lake

Comparing to Hangzhou West Lake, you can enjoy something new and different in Huizhou West Lake. The architecture in unique style and ingenious Lake design will bring you visual satisfaction. In summer, it is a good place for cruises when the lotus are in full bloom.

Huizhou to Xi’an Trains

2 trains from Huizhou to Xi’an are in service from Huizhou Railway Station to Xi’an Railway Station, taking 27.5-32.5 hours.

See detailed Xi'an Train Schedule 
Major Rail Lines from Xi'an to:

Major Rail Lines from Huizhou to:
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