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Badaling Great Wall is located in temperate continental climate zone, thus Badaling weather is featured with four distinct seasons - warm spring, hot summer, pleasant autumn and frigid winter. December, January and February are three coldest months with low temperature of -15 ~ -5℃ (5~40℉). July and August are the hottest ones with high temperature of 20 ~30℃ (70~85℉). Its temperature is lower than of downtown Beijing, with an annual average difference of 3℃ (37℉). 

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Best Time to Visit Badaling Great Wall

It is strongly recommended to visit Badaling Great Wall in spring from April to May and early to middle autumn from September to October. Tourists can see the vibrant green natural scenery in spring, and appreciate red leaves in autumn surrounding the winding walls. Besides the attractive scene, Badaling Great Wall weather is also comfortable and pleasant during the time periods. 

The summer of Badaling is hot with strong sunshine. During the summer vacation in July and August, there are always crowded tourists but the scenery is charming. Winter is cold, but the unique snow scene of the Great Wall is also worth to see. 

As the most popular Great Wall sections among Chinese tourists, Badaling is busier than other sections and can be very crowded during Chinese pubic holidays like May Day Holiday around May 1st, Chinese National Day Holiday from October 1st - 7th and Mid-Autumn Festival in mid or late September. So it is not recommended to travel to Badaling Great Wall during Chinese holidays.

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Averages for Badaling Weather

Badalingl Temperature
Badaling Weather

Badaling Great Wall Weather – Seasons, Travel Advice & Clothing Tips


Spring (Apr. - May)

Badaling weather in spring from April to May is generally warm and mild with occasional winds, suitable for a visit. New greens and flowers like peach blossom and apricot blossom in the neighborhood add more beauty to the Great Wall. But it rains a little, so you need to drink more water. The temperature between day and night would be a little bit wide during this time. Be aware of pollen allergy in spring. If necessary, please prepare some medicines and wear a mask.

 What to Wear: windbreaker, long-sleeve T-shirt, thin sweater, hoodie, sweatpants, walking shoes…

Badaling Weather in April: 6 - 20℃ (43 - 68℉), warm with breeze, a little rain
Badaling Weather in May: 13 - 27℃ (55 - 80℉), abundant sunshine, a little bit hot at noon, rain occasionally

Summer (Jun. - Aug.)

July and August are summer months which have the hottest days with the high temperature of 20 ~30C (70~85℉). The summer scenery of Badaling Great Wall will leave a deep impression to tourists, which is full of flourishing green plants. The high temperature may increase difficulty for climbing. Please drink enough water to replenish your energy. 

 What to Wear: short shirts, T-shirts, shorts, jeans, sandals, sneakers, sunglasses, parasol, hat

Badaling Weather in June: 18 - 29℃ (65 - 85℉), mostly sunny, hot, a few rainy days
Badaling Weather in July: 21 - 30℃ (70 - 85℉), intense heat, more rainy days, strong ultraviolet rays
Badaling Weather in August: 19 - 30℃ (65 - 85℉), sweating, more rainy days

Autumn (Sep. - Oct.)

Badaling Great Wall weather in autumn is cool with pleasant temperature. The cool breeze, colorful leaves and wonderful sunshine are what make the autumn the perfect time of the year for visiting Badaling Great Wall. Leaves in bright red, green and golden are spreading around the Great Wall, unveiling a colorful autumn scene. Sometimes, the climate is changeable which needs tourists pay attention to the weather forecast in advance. 

 What to Wear: hoodie, blouse, light pants, jackets, jeans, hiking shoes, sneakers

Badaling Weather in September: 13 - 25℃ (55 - 75℉), pleasantly warm, a few rainy days
Badaling Weather in October: 5 - 17℃ (40 - 60℉), sunny, cool, wide daily temperature difference 

Winter (Nov. - Mar.)

The winter of Badaling Great Wall starts from November and ends in March. With low temperature and chilly air, tourists need to wear enough winter clothes such as wool sweaters and down coats to keep warm. If it snows, the crystal-clear snowflakes will be spilled over the Great Wall, forming a sliver-white world, which is well worth visit.

 What to Wear: down coat, parka, padded jacket, pants, sweater, boots, scarf, gloves, mask

Badaling Weather in November: -4 - 7℃ (25 - 45℉), turn cold, a few windy days
Badaling Weather in December: -10 - 1℃ (15 - 35℉), freezing, dry, mostly sunny
Badaling Weather in January: -12 - -1℃ (10 - 30℉), chilly cold, dry, windy, snow occasionally 
Badaling Weather in February: -10 - 2℃ (15 - 35℉), chilly, mostly sunny with occasional snow
Badaling Weather in March: -2 - 12℃ (30 - 55℉), become warm gradually with more windy days

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