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Hong Kong - Chengdu High Speed Train

Traveling between Hong Kong and Chengdu will be a good chance to experience the prosperity of an international metropolis and closely see the giant pandas, the adorable fluffy animal and 'national treasure' of China. But how can you make a quick transfer between the two cities?

Currently, non-bullet trains are not operated directly from Hong Kong to Chengdu or vice versa, let alone high speed trains. All rail passengers need to make a transfer and the recommended cities for transfers are Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Option 1: Transfer in Guangzhou

 Hong Kong - Guangzhou

A total of 12 pairs of trains are available daily between Hong Kong Hung Hom Railway Station and Guangzhou East Railway Station from 09:24 to 22:00. They run for a distance of 114 miles (183 km) with journey time of 2 hours or so. Owing to the different seat types, the ticket price varies from CNY183 to CNY218.

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 Guangzhou – Chengdu

17 pairs of trains are operated in total from Guangzhou to Chengdu and vice versa. Among them, 9 pairs of bullet trains run between Guangzhou South Railway Station and Chengdu East railway Station. Duration is 9.5 – 10.5 hours; the ticket fare is CNY 782/ 820 for a first class seat and CNY 488.5/ 513.5 for a second class seat.

Normal types including K587, K192, K827, K486, and Z122 are running from Guangzhou Railway Station to Chengdu Railway Station, and K1224 run from Guangzhou East Station; vice versa, K194, K829, K488, Z124 and K588 are operated for the trip to Guangzhou Station and K1223 run to Guangzhou East Railway Station. The normal types take 25 – 43 hours and the distance is 1,250 – 1,519 miles (2,012 – 2,445 km); the ticket fare is CNY 669/711/735.5/879.5 for a soft sleeper, CNY 407/436/477.5/513.5 for a hard sleeper and CNY 224/240/263.5/277.5 for a hard seat.

 Transport between Guangzhou East Station and South Station: Subway line 1 and line 2 with a change at Gongyuanqian; if by taxi, it costs about CNY 75.
 Transport between East Station and Main Railway Station: Subway line 1 and line 5 with a change at Yangji; a taxi rides costs about CNY 30.

Option 2: Transfer in Shenzhen

 Hong Kong – Shenzhen
At present, you can make a quick transfer between Hong Kong and Shenzhen by MTR East Rail Line. It just takes an hour or so. And as per the different seat class, the ticket fare varies between HKD40 and HKD80. The East Rail Line is operated between Hung Kom and Lo Wu/ Lok Ma Chau. Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau are next to Lo Wu port and Futian port respectively.


Only normal trains numbered as K486, K586 and K1092 are running from Shenzhen to Chengdu; vice versa, K1094, K488 and K588 are available. K588 is shuttling between Shenzhen West Railway Station and Chengdu Railway Station for a length of 1,463 miles (2,356 km) and the journey is about 37.5 hours. The ticket fare is CNY 717.5 for a soft sleeper, CNY 464.5 for a hard sleeper and CNY 254.5 for a hard seat. K1092/K1094 is reachable between Shenzhen East Railway Station and Chengdu East Railway Station for a distance of 1,546 miles (2,488 km) with duration of 34.5/40 hours; it cost CNY 823.5 for a soft sleeper, CNY 534.5 for a hard sleeper, and CNY 289.5 for a hard seat. The most recommended one, K486/K488 uses Shenzhen Railway Station which is close to the Lo Wu/Luohu Port where travelers can change between MTR and rail service easily. It runs a total length of 1,534 miles (2,469 km) with a duration of 39.5/40 hours. The ticket price is CNY861.5 for a soft sleeper, CNY487.5 for a hard sleeper and CNY286.5 for a hard seat.

No matter which one you choose, the long time journey will be a big challenge. You are advised to choose a sleeper which will make you fill more comfortable and guarantee you a good rest onboard. But you should buy the tickets in advance because the sleeper tickets are usually in a great demand. 

 Transport between Lo Wu Port and Shenzhen West Station: Subway Luobao Line (line 1); a taxi travel will approximately cost CNY 65.
 Transport between Lo Wu Port and Shenzhen East Station: Subway Luobao Line and Longgang Line (line 3) with a transfer at Laojie; taking a taxi will cost about CNY 30.
 Transport between Futian Port and Shenzhen East Station: Subway Longhua Line (line 4) and Longgang Line with a change at Shaoniangong; a taxi rides cost CNY 40 or so.
 Transport between Futian Port and Shenzhen West Station: city bus no. 234; if by taxi, it will cost around CNY 55.

Which city is better to make a transfer?

Actually, no matter where you make the transfer, handling the customs procedures will take almost the same time. But, comparatively speaking, you have more choices when you transfer in Guangzhou; both bullet and normal types are available for your convenience. Although you can enter easily by either of the two ports in Shenzhen, less Shenzhen to Chengdu Trains are operated and the long journey will be boring and tiring. Correspondingly, the tickets are also difficult to get. 

 Or if you are tired of the long rail travel, you can choose a flight for the trip from Chengdu to Hong Kong or vice versa, which takes only about 2.5 hours. But the flight ticket costs much more than rail ticket and you should be prepared well for that.

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