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Quick Guide on China Train
Two methods: book with online agency indefinitely in advance (at least 60 days prior to departure); purchase at a railway Station with your original passport 58 days in advance.
Hard sleeper VS Soft Sleeper, First Class VS Second Class, detailed introduction here will give you some hints on how to choose the proper one.
D and G types are recommended for a journey less than 8 hours; otherwise, take soft sleeper on other types.
Two ways: have the tickets delivered to a hotel you reserved in China; pick up by yourself at a railway station with your original passport and order number.
Tickets can be refunded or changed both before and after the issuing of paper tickets. While a lost ticket can only be refunded after the train journey.
44 pounds (20 kg) per person, with the total length of each item cannot exceed 160 cm (63 inches).
Is the toilet on board squatted or seated? Do they broadcast in English? Can I deposit my luggage at the station?
  What's On
China Train Timetable to be Adjusted on July 1st
Since July 1st, 2015, China Railway Corporation will carry out a new timetable:
1. Bullet trains from Beijing to Huangshan (G351/G352) and Guiyang (G81/G402, G401/G404, G403/G82) will start running for the first time, reducing the travel time for about 14 and 15 hours respectively.
2. G265/G270 from Beijing to Hefei will run further to Huangshan; K571/2 from Beijing to Longyan will be extended to Xiamen.
3. Additional departures from Beijing to Fuzhou (G27/G302, G28/G301, G303/G304), Xiamen (G321/G326, G323/G322, G325/G324), Shenyang (G217/G218, G219/G220), Qingdao (Z7/8), Shenzhen (D927/8), Shijiazhuang (G6721/G6720), Qinhuangdao (T5685/6), and Hengshui (K7771/2) will be operated.
4. T177/8 from Beijing to Urumqi will be upgraded to Z179/80.
5. Those from Beijing to Xiamen (G165/6), Huaihua (G441/2), Qinhuangdao (K7751/2), and Qinghecheng (L7739/40) will stop running.

Temporary Trains to/from Beijing to Be Operated during Dragon Boat Festival
To meet the increasing travel demands of the coming Dragon Boat Festival, Beijing Railway Bureau will operate additional 7 pairs of temporary trains from June 19th, 2015 to June 22nd, 2015.
In details:
Beijing-Qinhuangdao: D4519/D4520, D4521/D4522;
Beijing-Beidaihe: T5695/T5696, T5697/T5698, T5699/T5700;
Beijing-Qingchenghe: K5223/K5224;
Beijing West-Handan: K5213/K5214

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