Best Time to Visit Chongqing

March to May in spring and September to October in autumn are the best time to visit Chongqing, for the weather is pleasant with suitable humidity. On the contrary, the summer in Chongqing is extremely hot and humid, and the winter is too bleak and foggy to enjoy the landscapes.
Best Time to Visit Chongqing

Peak Season: March to October

From March to October, it’s the peak season to visit Chongqing. Despite the best time to visit Chongqing in March to May and September to October mentioned above, the hot summer also welcomes many tourists, especially July and August because it’s the summer vacation in China. You will meet lots of visitors in attraction places, and cost more as the prices for airlines, attraction tickets and hotels increase.

Slack Season: November to February

Winter days are the low season to visit Chongqing, for it’s somewhat cold and misty. The season-off admission fees are applied at most of the attractions, meanwhile the hotel prices and air fares go down during the time, so you can spend less on your Chongqing tour. Some attractions may use the low price in only December and January, and some may apply it from November to February. Besides, in low season, you could enjoy your trip at a more leisurely pace for scenic spots wouldn’t be jammed with travelers.

Times to Avoid Travel

The public holidays in China are the times to be avoided when you plan to travel to Chongqing. Chinese New Year in the end of January or in February, and National Day in the first week of October are the two major holidays that would see large streams of visitors. During these holidays, the attractions are usually in an overcrowded condition, and the hotel prices go up as well. Qingming Festival in early April, May Day, Dragon Boat Festival generally in June, and Mid-Autumn Festival mostly in September are also the busy time in tourism industry in China.

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Travel to Chongqing in the Four Seasons

Spring: March to May

The spring in Chongqing is warm but the temperature is unsettled while rising. In the early spring, it still holds the winter feature of fogs.
Average temperature: 11 – 18℃ (52 – 64℉)
Clothes: hoodies, long sleeves, jackets, jeans

Recommended tour destinations: Hongya Cave, Ci Qi Kou, Dazu Rock Carvings, Chaotianmen Dock, and Yangtze River are the most famous attractions there as well as the must-sees. With mild weather, one can visit any of them comfortably. It’s also the best time to visit Chongqing for spring flowers. You may go to Youyang Taohuayuan Scenic Area for the peach blossoms, idyllic landscapes and folk activities. You can also go to Changshou Lake for the tulips on watersides, and Tianping Mountain for the white pear blossoms and spring tea plants.

Summer: June to August

The summer is torrid and Chongqing is regarded as one of three hottest cities along Yangtze River. It’s the season with the fewest mists in Chongqing, and the rainfall increases.
Average temperature: 27 – 38℃ (81 – 100℉)
Clothes: T-shirts, skirts, shorts, sunhats, sunglasses, sandals

Recommended tour destinations: To visit Chongqing in summer, the best choices are to see the night views or to spend a holiday at some summer resorts. For the former, Jiefangbei CBD, Chaotianmen Dock and Hongya Cave are the main sites. For the latter, you may visit Yangtze River Three Gorges, Three Little Gorges on Daning River, Furong Karst Cave, Black Mountain Valley, Wulong Karst National Geology Park, etc. Happy Valley, Caribbean Water Park and more theme parks are nice to have fun in summer, too.

Autumn: September to November – BEST Time to Visit Chongqing

The temperature decreases to be cool when the autumn comes. However, there might be continuous rains in the season, while quite a few rains occur at night.
Average temperature: 21 – 28℃ (70 – 82℉)
Clothes: long-sleeve shirts, knitwear, trench coats, jackets, thin jeans

Recommended tour destinations: In Chongqing, best time to visit should include autumn without any doubt. It’s a good season to go on a Yangtze River Cruise, to see Three Gorges and red autumn leaves on banks. Jinfo Mountain, Simian Mountain, White Emperor City, Yunyang Longgang Scenic Area… are all the popular attractions to enjoy the foliage and autumn colors in Chongqing. You can also visit cultural sites like Dazu Rock Carvings, Chotianmen Dock, Ci Qi Kou Old Town, and Hongya Cave.

Winter: December to February

Chongqing has humid and somewhat cold weather in winter. It’s rare to see a sunny day with bright sunshine.
Average temperature: 9 – 13℃ (48 – 55℉)
Clothes: sweaters, down coats, thick overcoats, winter pants, scarfs

Recommended tour destinations: In cold winter days, you can enjoy hot springs in Northern Hot Springs Park or Southern Hot Springs Park. Hot pot is another thing appealing there, which can warm you up in seconds. You may find multiple hot pot restaurants on Bayi Food Street and the food streets at Ci Qi Kou or Hongya Cave. What’s more, Jinfo Mountain, Jinyun Mountain and Black Mountain Valley are noted to see snow and mist sea. During the period of Chinese New Year, you can also get an opportunity to experience the local folk customs at Chongqing Garden EXPO Park.

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