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2019 Customer Reviews

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  • Clients: Matilde Toro
  • Country: Mexico
Oct 29,2019
My whole trip to China was a memorable experience. The agency organized an excellent tour package according with all my requirements. The quality of the guides in Beijing, Xian and Guilin was above my expectations. The travel coordinators in Xian were quick to make arrangements on time to make our trip smooth as possible. I would recommend the agency services.
  • Clients: Raf
  • Country: India
Oct 29,2019
What can I say! My two weeks in China were simply amazing. The package put together by TravelChinaGuide was perfect. I saw the must see locations without feeling rushed. I had enough time to explore on my own and practice my Mandarin with the local people. The itinerary allowed me to venture off to less traveled areas where I could get a feel for how the local communities really live their lives. Thank you TravelChinaGuide and thank you China for your hospitality - I will see you again.
  • Clients: Ash & Roop Chhabra
  • Country: US
Oct 27,2019
China is a beautiful country -- and we had a great time. Their arrangements were excellent -- detailed and accurate. Local guides provided at every location were courteous, knowledgeable and kind. Of all the guides provided by them, Rocky at Beijing was exceptionally good including his language skills and knowledge of the area indicating that he had more years of experience than the rest. Transportation arranged was clean -and all drivers were very good. Meals were also very nice.

Some suggestions:
1) Meals - We would have preferred more option to order Chinese meals "A La Carte" in lieu of fixed menu at the various sites- this way we could have enjoyed the Chinese meals even more and there would not have been wastage. Maybe a good idea also to give option of Western meals on a few days - this way we will enjoy Chinese meals even more.
2) Internal Flights -- if detailed information is given before the trip --it helps us in our planning.
3) Having a step stool handy would have made it easier to get in and out of the van.

Thanks again for a great vacation.
  • Clients: Dennis & Rose Giesbrecht
  • Country: Canada
Oct 27,2019
I am writing to express how much we enjoyed our China tour in May. We took the luxury 11 day tour starting in Beijing, Xian, Guilin and Shanghai. Our tour guides were courteous, pleasant and knowledgeable. Since we had a tour bus to ourselves, they were willing to adapt the tour to our requests. The bus was spacious, air conditioned and very clean. Each person was given 2 large bottles of water each day as we started on our tours. Had we not had the tour guides, we would have missed some very important historical and fascinating places to visit. All the events planned for us from the Peking duck dinner and kung fu show to the acrobatic show were highly entertaining. We especially enjoyed the river Li cruise with its picturesque and lush hills, bamboo trees and vegetation. People working in the rice fields and the water buffalo, all should be in the National Geographic Magazine. The weather cooperated every day making the tours that much more enjoyable. The Terracotta soldiers, the great wall of China, Tiananmen Square, and the Forbidden City were fascinating. Such a trip into history!! Our accommodations were in five star hotels, luxurious hotels with all the amenities of home. Most of them within a short distance to the sights that we wanted to see. Our only complaint was that there was too much food. The restaurants chosen by the tour company had some of the best Chinese cuisine but there was too much food for us!!!! We had to cancel some of the dishes. The only thing that we would have enjoyed during the trip is a western meal once in a while otherwise. the tour far exceeded our expectations and we enjoyed China much more than we had anticipated. We would certainly recommend your tour to all our friends and anyone hoping to visit China in the near future. Booking this tour with your company took all anxiety away as everything was well planned from the tour guides picking us up at the airport to their taking us back to the airport at the end of the trip and making sure that we were checked in and knew where to go. Again, Thank you very much for a delightful 11 days in China.

Dennis and Rose
  • Clients: Toni
  • Country: Canada
Oct 27,2019
First of all, we are so happy that we found you and used your services. Although we went to the many places that were frequented by many other tourists, and were on a "circuit" that many others were on, we did feel that we were quite lucky to be on a "small group" tour. Our arrival in Beijing was great and we were met by Tina who was so enthusiastic and we felt completely at ease and in good hands. Having the drivers at the Airport was an essential, and having the bottled water was such a great plus for us. We are so thrilled with our trip to China, and very happy to have used TravelChinaGuide. Your pre-trip service was fantastic, and very prompt answers to all emails and questions, which put us at ease. It would have been nice to have had a bit more "free time", but with so much to see, not always easy. The choice of restaurants in certain cases could be improved, and we felt at times, not to be having "Chinese" food, in the sense that when we saw dishes at other tables, it was not the same. We recommend your services highly, and would like to plan another trip.
  • Clients: Emma Rosa Betrisey
  • Country: Switzerland
Oct 27,2019
Travel China Guide is indeed a real company. We were first quite worried that it was a bogus company. So we researched the proper newspaper websites as mentioned on the website for the indicated articles. Later we also discovered a link to TravelChinaGuide on the website of the "Consulate General of China" in San Francisco. All other /additional questions we had were always answered promptly. (the same day or maximum the day after.) About 10 days before our departure we got the e-ticket for our first leg of the journey. Once we got our baggage and were on our way a guide promptly picked us up at the airport. It turned out to be a real pleasure traveling in China with TCG. All the guides spoke English very well and the accommodation (5 star hotels) were always very good. We also thoroughly enjoyed the food. Since we like Chinese food we always ate Chinese food even though we had many choices of eating Western food too. Overall, we would recommend Travel China Guide to our family and friends. This tour is going to be a memorable experience for a long time. We think we have seen a good deal of China and learned a lot about its history and people.
  • Clients: David Johnson
  • Country: United States
Oct 27,2019
The three guides were fantastic. a) all guides were exceptional and went the extra mile to accommodate any requests or interests I had outside the itinerary. They were all very helpful with the language and assisting me for those times I would be on my own. b) all three guides had a very good command of English. I had no problems communicating with any of them. c) all the guides were very knowledgeable about the sites we visited and the area and general. They had answers to all the questions I asked. I am amazed at how they can keep their energy and enthusiasm given that they visit the same places hundreds of times. I never got the sense that they were tired or bored. I truly felt like each of them was a friend showing me around their city - as opposed to them showing a client around because they had to. I can't say enough about these three wonderful ladies. My guide in Beijing was kind enough to hold on to some souvenirs while I was visiting Xian and Lasa. Upon meeting with her when I returned to Beijing, she took her own time to meet me at my hotel, give me information and advice for the remaining things I was to do on my own, and even volunteered to accompany me on a trip to a site an hour outside the city just to make sure I didn't encounter any problems. Her courtesy and consideration were impressive. My guide in Xian took great care to make sure that I was having a good visit and was full of suggestions for other things I could do. The Lhasa guide had a very kind and intelligent spirit and was extremely helpful, flexible, and patient in assisting me with the changes I initiated to the itinerary.

The food was quite good - particularly the dumpling sampler in Xian. There was too much food for me as a solo traveler, but that's better than not having enough! The accommodations in Beijing and Xian were superb. Internet access, financial transactions, and most importantly laundry service was always available. The vehicles were comfortable and the drivers very skilled - I would certainly struggle in those big roundabouts! The meals were quite large - not sure if it only seemed that way as I was traveling alone, but each meal offered more than I could really eat (particularly the lunches). This kind of tired me out immediately following lunch. Also, I understand why the guide and driver don't eat with the guests, but being a solo traveler, being dropped off to eat alone felt a bit strange. Would have been nice if the guide could have joined me (although two of three did have one meal with me).

I must also thank Doris for working with me to change my train ticket from Lhasa to Shanghai. Your efforts provided me a full day to wander around Shanghai on my own and that day was truly memorable.

Thank you Doris, Maggie, Rita and Lena.
  • Clients: Alison C Denniss
  • Country: Britain
Oct 26,2019
It has taken me rather a long time to give a feedback following my trip to China in July, but better late than never. Here is what I made of the trip.
-Guides: We had some excellent guides on our trip. I was impressed by the standard of English of all of them. Something that I particularly appreciated was their ability to manage a group who had different ideas and interests. They managed well when half of the group wanted to do one thing and half another, and never allowed us to miss the scheduled visits because not everyone was keen. Our guide in Xian was particularly good. I was impressed at how enthusiastic they were, and how much they knew. We also particularly appreciated knowing exactly what was happening each day. The guides told us what time everything would be happening, when we would have meals, when we would get back to the hotel etc, and this really helped us to relax and enjoy the visits. Well done, guides. Keep it up!
-Food: The food for most of the tour was outstanding - it far exceeded my expectations. The variety was great - it was lovely to try so many new things. There was one night when we ate as a group but chose our own dishes - this did not work as well as the guide ordering for the whole group. It caused a lot of confusion. But I have very happy memories of the meals during our tour.
-Visits: We saw some outstanding things, and I really enjoyed the visits that we made. I wonder if it might be possible to spend more time at the Great Wall (we were there for a couple of hours, but it would have been lovely to spend longer so that we could spend more time walking; and at the Terracotta Warriors - I would have liked to spend another hour looking at them.) But most of the visits were timed very well and we spent about the right amount of time in each place. Well done to our guide in Beijing, who gave us 2 hours at the wall when some of the group wanted to go back sooner.
-Hotels: Our hotel in Beijing was outstanding. The service was excellent, and it was lovely to have a swimming pool. The other hotels were mixed. My feeling is that slightly smaller, less grand hotels, might provide better service.
-Evening entertainments: These were magnificent. I enjoyed every one of them. The performances were colourful, entertaining, skilful, and gave us a real flavour of Chinese culture. There is nothing I would change about the itinerary here.
-Cruise: I enjoyed the cruise and everything that we saw, but the accommodation was not rather comfortable. I understand that it is difficult to provide comfortable accommodation on a boat, but I wonder if you could warn people in advance how noisy it is, so that they can bring some ear-plugs! The staff on the boat were friendly, and very good about providing us with water whenever we asked for it.
-Bus: It was lovely to have an air-conditioned bus to get into after each visit.
Overall, this China tour was outstanding.
  • Clients: Gyorgy Palffy
  • Country: Hungary
Oct 26,2019
"Travel China Guide" planned our 14 days round trip professionally. The tour gave unexpectedly great experiences. We got many quick, efficient and professional information from Selina Wu during the one year planning and preparation period. She was very supportive and patient with us. We were glad that she was our contact person. All tour guides did their job perfectly however Candy (Beiging) and Ocean (Shanghai) remains in our heart. TCG could feel lucky to have such a great employees like them. They managed everything accordingly, they were nice and we felt safe with them during our trip. After the first 3 days and later after the last very busy day they still supported us and said good bye in a very nice and friendly way.

China was my 57th country that I visited and I met many travel companies but "Travel China Guide" is definitely in the TOP3 and I recommend them to everyone.
  • Clients: Khouadja
  • Country: Australia
Oct 25,2019
First of all I want to thank you very much, on my behalf and on behalf of my wife, all the people who contributed in the preparation and the making of this wonderful China tour.

All aspects of the tour were carried out as planned without delays and as expected. I recommend strongly to those who are planning to visit China to do it with Travel China Guide! Overall tour services including China hotels and restaurants were outstanding. I should mention in particular the Sheraton Hotel in Guilin.

With regards to restaurants we were impressed by the one where we had the best duck dinner we could remember and the variety of the dumplings we ate at the restaurant in Xian.

As to the guides all those who assisted us in the various destinations were friendly, courteous, efficient, and knowledgeable. The same for the drivers who were courteous and punctual. All the cars which we used throughout the tour were clean and spacious.

In brief everything went smoothly during the whole China travel and for sure I would recommend strongly the services of this team for visiting China.
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