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Nan Zorn's Adventure

  • Clients: Ms. Nan Zorn (3 travelers)
  • Country: Canada
  • Email:
  • Itinerary: 23 Days Tour to Beijing - Xian - Lijiang - Chengdu - Guilin - Shanghai
Oct 27,2017
Dear Lexi,

So many months have passed since our wonderful trip to China and I have been meaning all these months to write to you. The trip was so amazing in every way and I thank you so much for your advice, for your organizing and especially for your patience. My trip in 2016 had been so memorable and there is always a chance that a second trip would not meet expectations. But that was not the case! Even when visiting sights that I had seen the previous year, there was always something new to see and enjoy. In particular, the visit to the Hutong was to a completely different area than the earlier trip and to a very different home. And to have the time to do things that we did not have time for in 2016 such as going up the Drum Tower was such a treat.

The absolute highlight of the trip for Judy and me had to be Lijiang. We loved the old town; our accommodation was like something out of a long-ago movie. And Janice was very special. I'm sorry Lorraine was not able to be a part of that wonderful experience.

Xian was special, too. We enjoyed the Bell Tower Hotel the rooms were large and Lorraine's looked out on the Bell Tower that is so beautifully lit at night. We enjoyed being inside the walled city and able to go for a walk on the wall. Breakfast there was among the best though all were good. The cable car trip up the mountain was spectacular and, of course, the warriors are amazing. There wasn't any part of the entire trip that we were not delighted with.

All our guides were helpful. Along with Janice, Coco and Murphy were exceptional. We understood that Murphy was relatively new to being a guide but we would not have known that unless we asked how long she had been a guide.

An outstanding memory of our time in China will always be how friendly the Chinese people were to us. I guess three old ladies travelling 'on their own was a bit of a novelty and our guides were often asked about us. I think there are many, many photographs of us in various places! And we have many of the wonderful people we met in our photographs. Perhaps the best example of the friendliness extended to us was when we were in the train station in Beijing waiting to catch the train to Xian. There were probably twenty people around us, only two of whom spoke much English, all concerned that we would get on the right train at the right time. We had so much fun despite the language barrier. And some young men on the train who did speak English were also very caring and when we arrived at the station in Xian, carried our luggage off the train.

I think there is not a day goes by that I do not think of our adventure to China. So thank you again for looking after us so well. I would go back to your country at any time I know there is always much more to see. And I would certainly recommend your tour company to anyone who is interested in travelling in China.

Please convey my greetings to Lina, Coco, Janice, Murphy, Wendy and William and to Selina and to our lunch hostess in Xian have I her name right? Cai Quin?

If any of you might be planning a trip to Canada, I hope you would let me know!

With warm regards

Nan Zorn