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Schulz Chengdu & Jiuzhai Discovery

  • Clients: Mr. Brant Schulz
  • Country: United States
  • Email:
  • Itinerary: 7 Days Chengdu - Jiuzhaigou - Huanglong - Leshan - Mt.Emei
Apr 19,2017
Dear Sophie,

I have safely completed my TCG trip and reached my destination in Shanghai and then on to Suzhou to do some work. I really enjoyed my Chengdu & Jiuzhai discovery and would like to thank you for matching me up with such great guides.

Mark did a great job showing me Jiuzhaigou. It had snowed at Huanglong making it difficult to get there and my knees were bothering me from so much walking at Jiuzhaigou so I decided to visit Mu-Ni instead of Huanglong. I really enjoyed the beauty of Mu-Ni and Mark refunded the difference in price of seeing Mu-Ni instead of seeing Huanglong. I was really happy with the way this part of my trip went and am grateful to Mark for showing me such beautiful places.

Alina is a "one of a kind" guide. She really knows everything about the places we visited and she knows how to make the trip really a lot of fun! I highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of an English speaking guide. When it came to the opportunity for me to climb the steps at the Leshan Buddha I could not do it because of the condition of my knees from so much walking at Jiuzhaigou. So I asked if there was anything else that I could add to the trip to Leshan and Emeishan that would make up for the time I was not using to climb the Buddha steps. Alina told me of a show in Emeishan that sounded like a lot of fun so I asked her to book it for me. She did so and the show was one of the high points of my trip. I really appreciated her resourcefulness in filling a hole in my trip created by my bad luck to have bad knees. Also, I was traveling over a special holiday for me and I was away from family for this special holiday. Alina went out of her way to make the holiday a special part of my trip. People skills like that cannot be taught. They only come from the heart. This is my fifth trip with TCG and Alina is the best guide that TCG has paired me up with in all these trips. And she was very careful to protect TCG policy. As a Chief Financial Officer of a company I know the demands that policies can make on people and if Alina were a finance person rather than a guide I would hire her in an instant.

If you need any more information on my experiences please let me know. Your team has made me a very happy customer.


Brant Schulz