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Amy Hegerfeld China & Thailand Expedition

  • Clients: Mrs. Amy Hegerfeld (4 travelers)
  • Country: United States
  • Email:
  • Itinerary: 13 Days Beijing - Xian - Bangkok - Ayutthaya - Chiang Mai
Jun 7,2017
Hello Abbey!!

It was so wonderful to meet you at the family visit! I have been SO IMPRESSED with your personal service and the professionalism of your company. I've raved about you and TravelChinaGuide to everyone I've told about our trip. If we ever return, you can be sure I will contact you again

I have no complaints on our China & Thailand expedition. Absolutely nothing negative to say about the entire experience. From the very first email requesting a quote through all the changes I asked for all the way to the dropping us off at the airport for our trip home----everything was delightful.
Our guides were fabulous. Harrison was very friendly and answered every question we had (we had so many questions!) He was also very kind and accommodating when our older friend was not able to keep up with the walking. He never made Bill feel bad and he kept him company while the rest of us climbed up the stairs into the Drum Tower and again when Bill had trouble at the Great Wall. Lela, in Xi'an, was equally fabulous. She is funny and personable. She really connected with my daughters and they just loved her! Both Harrison and Lela shared aspects of Chinese culture that were so fascinating to us. We really felt as if we were traveling the cities with friends rather than guides! The family visit in Xi'an was so incredible. The food was incredible and our hostess was delightful. The reason I chose TCG over other tour companies was because you are the only company I found who offers that home visit. I'm SO GLAD because not only did we LOVE the home visit, I also cannot imagine that any other company could possibly have made our trip any better than it was. I'm just in awe of China and Thailand and the people. It was truly the trip of a lifetime.

We didn't enjoy Bangkok as much as the rest of the trip but that was due to the heat and the crowds. Obviously nothing that anyone could control. Chiang Mai was amazing though! The Elephant Nature Park was definitely a highlight and my daughters both want to go back someday to volunteer there. Our Chiang Mai guide (CeCe? I'm sorry I never quite caught her name) was delightful and very obliging when we changed our plans at the last minute to go on a river cruise and skip a few temples. She also took us to a local market so we could try durian because we were so curious about it after seeing all the warnings about bringing it into the hotels.

The drivers were all very polite and friendly. The hotels were lovely (our favorite hotel was the Rim in Chiang Mai but the best breakfast was in Bangkok---my goodness!! Delicious!)