City Layout of Shanghai

Administrative Divisions

At present, Shanghai has 16 districts and one county of Chongming under its jurisdiction. You can refer to the map to see the locations of the districts.

The core area of the city zone includes Huangpu District and Jing'an District. The periphery area of the city zone includes districts of Yangpu, Hongkou, Zhabei and Putuo to the north of the core area, Changning District to the west and Xuhui District to the south.

Suburbs of Shanghai include Jiading District and Baoshan District to the northwest of the city zone, Minhang District to the south and Pudong New Area east of the Huangpu River.

Exurbs of Shanghai consist of the remaining Chongming County and four districts, namely, Qingpu, Songjiang, Jinshan and Fengxian. They are to the west and south of the city proper, occupying about one half of the city's area.

Shanghai districts map
Shanghai Districts Map
Shanghai Suburb Map
Shanghai Suburb Map

Area Distribution

1. Financial Areas:
The most famous financial area in Shanghai is Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone in Pudong New Area ( Lujiazui Video). Facing Huangpu River to its west, Lujiazui has many domestic and foreign financial institutions such as banks, stock exchanges and insurance companies. Jinmao Tower, Shanghai Securities Mansion and the largest stock exchange of Asia are located in Lujiazui, making it the most important part of the central business district of the city.

The Bund has been an important financial area since long ago. Due to some historical reasons and the advantageous location, many foreign financial institutions especially banks set up their buildings in the Bund area in the 19th and 20th centuries. The Bund extending from East Yan'an Road to East Beijing Road now boasts many magnificent constructions in various classical western styles. Consequently it has become a financial center of the city and is referred as the 'Oriental Wall Street'.

Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone
Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone
The Bund, Shanghai
The Bund

2. Commercial Areas :
The prosperous commercial areas of Shanghai are mainly scattered in the city zone and the near suburbs. The most flourishing ones are listed below:
Huangpu District: East Nanjing Road, Yuyuan Shopping City, Laoximen, People's Square, East Jinling Road, the Bund, Huaihai Road, South Shaanxi Road, South Maoming Road, Dapuqiao and Xin Tian Di Commercial Circle.
Jian'an District: West Nanjing Road, Wujiang Road and Xinzha Road.
Yangpu District: Wujiaochang.
Hongkou District: North Sichuan Road.
Zhabei District: Jiali Sleepless City.
Putuo District: Central Ring Commercial Circle and Zhenru Commercial Center.
Changning District: Zhongshan Park Commercial Circle, Yuyuan Road, Changning Road, Tianshan Road, South Shuicheng Road and Gold City Pedestrian Street.
Xuhui District: Xujiahui Shopping Center, Damuqiao Road, Tianyaoqiao Road and Tianlin Road.
Jiading District: Cao'an Commercial Circle.
Minhang District: South Commercial Center and Hongqiao Commercial Circle.
Pudong New Area: New Shanghai Commercial City.

Nanjing Road, Shanghai
Nanjing Road
Yuyuan Area, Shanghai
Yuyuan Area

3. Tourist Areas:
There are three main tourist areas in the central Huangpu District. Huangpu River sightseeing area is a must during your Shanghai trip. It includes the Huangpu River, the Bund, Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Jinmao Tower. The area around People's Square is highly recommended. The city's Grand Theater, Museum and Art Museum are all located here. Yuyuan area is also worth visit. It comprises Yuyuan Garden, Old Street and the Confucian Temple.

Other attractions are not that close. If you are interested in historical sites, Jade Buddha Temple in Putuo District and Longhua Temple in Xuhui District are good choices. If you want to drown yourself in natural beauties, you can go to Chongming Island, Qibao Acient Town in Minghang District, Sheshan Mountain in Songjiang District, Dianshan Lake or Zhujiajiao Water Town in the west Qingpu District.

4. Dining Areas :
A wide variety of cuisines can be found in Shanghai. If you are a gourmand, many dining areascannot be missed. These include Yunnan Road, Huanghe Road, the Old Town God Temple area and Xin Tian Di  in Huangpu District, Wujiang Road in the southeast of Jing'an District, Zhapu Road in Putuo District, Xianxia Road in Changning District, Hengshan Road and Ganghui Square in Xuhui District.

5. Entertainment Areas :
If you want to get relaxation and recreation, various bar streets in Shanghai provide you with many choices. Hengshan Road Bar Street in Xuhui District is the most famous one. Other good entertainment areas are mainly in Huangpu and Jian'an Districts in the city center, including Yandang Road, South Maoming Road, Xin Tian Di and Julu Road.

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