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2019 Customer Reviews

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  • Clients: Ann M. Jennes
  • Country: Belgium
Nov 22,2019
First of all I would like to say that we enjoyed our holiday a lot. It was all good organized and we didn't have to worry about anything. We could just enjoy and relax. Hotels were booked, flights were booked and everywhere we were picked up by a nice guide who helped us out and gave us a nice tour around the area. The food was great. In China the driving is crazy and luckily there were some drivers to take us around. China has this bad rule in the traffic of the survival of the fittest. There is no respect at all. Not for other drivers and certainly not for the weaker passenger by foot. The horn is the most used subject in the car and it can work on the nerves, but we had to live with it. Big changes still has to be made on this. The places we visited were all beautiful. Guilin and Yangshuo are cities with the Chinese charm. It is still very authentic and we were not bothered too much yet by people who want to make the money on tourists. It is very relaxing and enjoyable to get around. The guides were overal very good. Candy in Beijing was exceptionally good and we would like to thank her personally. She showed us around in Beijing and was excellent in speaking. Jacky was very excited about telling his stories and did a very good job in Xian. His English was good. Joyce in Guilin was a nice guide who was very friendly and helpful. She can still improve her English, but was certainly good enough to help us out. We enjoyed being with her. She was also very nice to give our grandfather a cake for his birthday. Very nice girl. Janet is very experienced and send us for a very nice dinner in Shanghai. The show she picked out was also extra ordinary. She did a very good job. Her language was very good. So we would like to say again that Candy in Beijing was certainly exceptionally helpful and recommended us a show in which was great and we recommend it to all of the clients. Joyce in Guilin was second best on our list.
  • Clients: Jean-Claude TINDILLIER
  • Country: France
Nov 22,2019
Thank you all so much for a fantastic trip, and we would like to share a few thoughts on what we enjoyed and what we liked less.
Beijing, we had a fantastic guide: Barry, whose English is very good, and he is very attentive, and always wants to know if things are good for us, if we want to spend more time, or less at a site. The hotel is fantastic. Very clean, and new, with a great staff, very helpful and friendly, a good concierge that recommended a good local restaurant when we had a free dinner, just down the street. Not Centrally located in terms of Forborbidden City, but a very interesting neighbourhood, which gave us a good feel of the local Beijing scene. The day with Tiananmen, Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven, plus the show, with the Duck lunch, was very busy, it would have been nice to have perhaps less, but with 4 different cities, it is difficult. The Great Wall at MuTianYu was a wonder, and amazing, with not many people. Just incredible!!!!! The Summer Palace fantastic, and very interesting, and as in each place our Guide just made everything so much more vibrant. We were able - thanks to the guide and the Driver - to pass by many of the Olympic venues, and that was exciting for us. The last lunch before heading to the airport the XI'AN, was absolutely Fantastic, the service top and the food excellent, the fish unbelievable.
XI'AN brought us to again a great hotel, beautiful lobby, and fun to walk in the neighbourhood, but the breakfast at the hotel was not up to Shanghai nor Beijing, often not very hot, but a good selection. Our guide Lily was good and interesting, and the Driver a Pro in the difficult traffic. The warriors were mind-blowing, and having a guide made all the difference to see things and understand better, and have a very good personal visit. The pagoda we did not spend a lot of time at. The dumpling banquet was good. The show was fantastic, and very interesting and just beautiful. The next day, after a fantastic massage in the hotel in the morning, we visited the mosque and the bazaar was interesting, and good to have a short but complete visit. The Wall was very beautiful and a great view of the city, and once again Lily made the difference to make things come to life, and gave a thorough visit, and very detailed. She even helped some British tourists in giving directions to a Starbucks. The lunch we had where we met Kelly was Very Good, and another highlight.
Guilin, was indeed beautiful, and a good hotel, great location. Helen our guide was Very Good, and very complete in telling us all about Guilin. The boat trip was a bit long for my husband, and it rained, but that made the scenery very beautiful, with mist around the mountains. We ordered Shrimp on the boat and that was a good alternative to the lunch served. The show of the Ethnic songs was very good, and beautiful. When we returned to the hotel Helen had explained that there was a night market near the hotel, and we went just the two of us to explore, interesting. The gardens and the Reed Flute cave was a good way to end our stay in Guilin, under a beautiful sun.
Shanghai, our guide Sean/Shin met us at the airport. Our guide was good, very proud of his city. Unfortunately we were not very fond of the hotel. Good location near the Bund, and Nanjing street, and an interesting neighbourhood, but after the fantastic experiences in the other cities, we thought the quality was not up to par. Compared to the other cities, very surprising for Shanghai. The breakfast was not very interesting, and the service not at all attentive as in the other cities, it was as if the Servers ignored the clients, and didn't seem to care.
We were very touched by the pride all we met and our guides were in their country, China, and we understand why.
  • Clients: Jeanette Grummett
  • Country: Australia
Nov 22,2019
Sincere thanks to all the hardworking staff members who made our holiday so successful.

Food: overall was superb, especially lunch at Guilin, meals at Shanghai and Beijing, lunch provided by family host in Xian were meals fit for royalty and were very suitable to our Western palates. A couple of meals whilst adequate were not up to a good standard and they were- meals on cruise - we were given very little choice.

Tour Guide:
Beijing - Linda, it was a pleasure to have her looking after us, she did a marvellous job. Our Rating 10 out of 10
Xian - Celine displayed incredible knowledge, she worked very hard and was very thorough in everything she did. She is a great asset to your company. Our Rating 10 out of 10
Guillin/Yangshou - Tom was a really nice person who had a good command of English, attended to our every need and went out of his way to make our stay very enjoyable. The bicycle tour at Yangshuo was our favourite part of our entire tour, followed closely by Li River cruise. Tom suggested we visit an evening cultural show at Yangshou which we agreed to and thoroughly enjoyed. Our Rating: 10 +++ out of 10
Chongqing - Tour guide Sophie presented us with a lot of information, she has great language skills and she fitted a lot in, in a short amount of time.. We were very fascinated with our tour of the Porcelain Village. She is deserving of very high praise. Our Rating 10 out of 10
Yangstze River Cruise - very professionally run and enjoyable. Eric was fantastic. Our Rating 10 out of 10
Shanghai - Jimmy - a wonderful man who was excellent in every way, we really enjoyed his company and he was very thorough in looking after us. Our Rating 10 out of 10
All of the guides were amazing people whom we highly recommend and would be very happy to have again if we return.

Transport: Air, train, van, cruise ship - all first class. The van drivers were all highly skilled, courteous and professional.

Hotels: All were of luxury standard. Guilin hotel was very good but not up to the standard of the other hotels. (Carpet dirty)

Tour improvements:
1. Provide details of plane flights and train tickets. We realise guides have this information but if there is a problem of some kind it would be good to know our details, even a copy of ticket if possible.
2. Check to make sure that all meals are at places with good reputation for tourists.
3. More precise information at pick up points. This is a worry for the traveller when they are not quite sure where they are going to meet, especially at train stations. Some met on the platform whilst others met at the exit. Another difficulty is knowing when to get off the train - some additional information would be helpful as the station signs are often written only in Chinese. Knowing the estimated time of arrival would also be helpful in recognizing when to get off.
These are our main thoughts at this point of time. We thank you for a well-prepared tour.
  • Clients: Nathan Mai
  • Country: Canada
Nov 22,2019
We were very happy with our experience. We had very specific needs for our trip, because we had certain days we needed to travel and we had to go to my wife's home town and we were traveling with our whole family, including a young child. You were great about adjusting the itinerary to suit us. There is no way at all we could have seen and done so much in such a short time without your help, and it was incredibly relaxing to have you taking care of everything and to have our own driver/guide in each city. It simply could not have gone smoother, and the price was quite reasonable for what we received. When we go back to China I would not hesitate to use travelChinaguide again.
  • Clients: Dipankar Ghosh
  • Country: India
Nov 21,2019
Our overall experience was wonderful. We saw the great wall, Panda, Terracotta warriors, Maglev train (by ourselves), bund of Shanghai. Everything went fine. It was really a memorable experience. We are also impressed to see the advancement China has made during past 60 years, specially in infrastructure development. We also saw how the senior people are relaxing and playing. Both India and China became independent almost at the same time, and progressed forward taking two different types of social and political systems. And whatever we could see during our 11 days stay in this country was incredible. Specially the neat and clean roads and very friendly and confident people. The beauty of China was different, and unforgetable.
  • Clients: Chablise Stoner
  • Country: UK
Nov 21,2019
Everything about our tour was perfect. Thanks for the careful services. Nearly all the meals were lovely. The only place that was not quite as good as the rest was the restaurants onboard the cruise ship - but this was mainly because the service was slow not because the food was bad in any way. The first lunch restaurant in Xian was by far the best, the food was absolutely delicious and I would recommend it to anyone, likewise the choice for the farewell lunch in Shanghai was also excellent. Again the food was lovely and it was really nice to choose from the menu ourselves. All the drivers were excellent - the cars were always tidy and clean and bottles of water freely available to us. I can not say how much we enjoyed having a car that the guide could call up and ask them to meet us whenever they had finished, it really made their trip. As said all the guides were fantastic, Candy in Beijing was very helpful and really made us feel welcome in Beijing. Tracey is probably the most cheery person I have ever met. My children are quite shy but she made their stay in Xian really enjoyable despite the rain! She was also very informative about our stops and made a real effort to interact with all of us. Keira in Chengdu was really funny. Amy in Shanghai was equally as nice. It was lovely to have a guide who so obviously loved the city she lived in, her enthusiasm for Shanghai came across in everything she told us. All in all each of the guides were excellent, but I would like to highlight Tracey's section as the part that really made my children and myself relax into the trip with her cheerful nature and smiling face. I would like to add that it was a lovely touch to meet our organiser in Xian, it certainly made it feel like we were not just dealing with a company but actual people. I would certainly recommend your company to friends in the future and hope to have the opportunity to use you again myself in the future. Thank you again Wendy and Ashley for organising the tour, your helpful emails were much appreciated while I was planning this trip.
  • Clients: Michelle
  • Country: USA
Nov 20,2019
This was my second tour with Travel China Guide. They send all the information you will need before the tour, and promptly answer any questions. Your guide contacts you the day before with your pick-up time, and on both tours the guide was right on time. The tours themselves are well-planned. My last tour was of Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City and the Great Wall. Our guide, Rocky, was knowledgeable about all and had a great sense of humor. He helped us avoid the most crowded areas, and helped us have a great day.
  • Clients: Elize
  • Country: Malaysia
Nov 19,2019
First of all, I am very glad to have gone ahead with my booking through your company. Since it was my first experience with TCG I didn't really know what to expect about the meals. Hence, I did not elaborate on it. But upon arriving China and got the idea from our guide of what would be served at the 5-star hotel's dinner, we thought a local specialty would be a better choice. So, we gave a miss to the arranged dinner and asked our guide to take us to a good local restaurant serving good local specialty, like 'special fish head steamboat'. Our guide and the driver were very helpful - we enjoyed our dinner at a very nice environment overlooking the opera house. Meals at Shanghai were great - right choice of dishes! If I may suggest, you should emphasize on the local specialties of each city of China. Travelers have had enough of hotel food the buffet style. What we need is to taste the different food at the different place especially the local delicacies by the local folks. We were met by the lady guide when we arrived at Chongqing. She was very warm and professional. We like her approach and effort to make us feel comfortable and we were indeed very comfortable with her. She communicates and explains well both English and Chinese (even though I asked for English speaking guide we do communicate in Chinese - with both languages we feel more comfortable). She is very alert and helpful too. She saw us through the cruise ship and settled before saying goodbye. In Yichang, we met by a gentleman guide and he was too a very nice guide, helpful and we were very comfortable with him. He saw us through the airport, checked-in and left for departure hall before saying goodbye. Frankly, we have great experience with our guides. Sadly, I have forgotten their names. The same things go to the drivers - they were too very helpful. Both, drivers and guides, they have a teamwork attitude. Is it possible that I ask for the same travel counselors in my future reservation?
  • Clients: Pauline Levesque
  • Country: Australia
Nov 19,2019
We, as a group are completely satisfied of the services that we had a privilege to receive. Mrs Susan is very professional and she has the experience, she has a steady pace. She knows what she is doing. Keep her on board, you have a good guide. Mrs Kitty has a different style, way of operating but very easy to get along with. Her pace is different and we got to appreciate her very much. We felt that the customer came first, she did help us very much and again we were always free. She carries well her name. Mr Ocean is very experienced and accommodating. Finally, I don't know why it happened that way but we crossed the gate at the Beijing airport like too fast and Mrs Kitty could not come in. I really did not say bye bye the proper way. I will contact you in about 2 years, because I'm planning a trip to shaolin (which I could not do this trip) and my dreaming Tibet. You will for sure make the arrangement for us. I am anxious to be part of your tour again.
  • Clients: Jerry Ludlow
  • Country: UK
Nov 19,2019
I was slightly nervous about using TCG as I hadn't heard of them before and couldn't find many reviews on line to validate others' experiences of them. Add to that the fact that they were cheaper than other companies i also got quotes from, with better and fuller itineraries, i was a bit sceptical about whether they were genuine!
However, we took the plunge and went with them and were so glad we did.

From the start the pre-tour communications from them were excellent, with all email queries sent fully answered the next working day.

As to the tour itself we did a two city tour which was superb. We were concerned about arriving in China but, as promised, we were met at every city outside arrivals by a guide and driver. The tour in each city were extremely well organised and informative with great guides in each. Special highlights were the lunches that they arranged and were included in the price, which without exception were excellent. I would also mention that we changed our itinerary at late notice to do two cities instead of three, which meant that we split from the original tour group and went to Shanghai on our own. We expected to join another group here but ended up having a private tour with just the two of us as there were no other groups doing Shanghai at the same time.

Top marks to TCG as fas as I am concerned and i cannot recommend them highly enough.
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