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2019 Customer Reviews

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  • Clients: Jann Fathers
  • Country: Australia
Dec 06,2019
Lexi, it was nice to meet you in Xi'an, and to put a face to all the emails!
1) We liked all the meals served, but we felt that those outside of Beijing were more interesting - and even more different in style to Chinese meals we see in Australia. The Peking duck was a little disappointing - but more because we'd already eaten a huge breakfast and couldn't cope with more food that day. We were too full to properly appreciate lunch. It may be better to schedule it for a day when provide a smaller breakfast that day. I couldn't nominate one favourite meal, but I did like the dumpling banquet.
2.1) All the guides were great - friendly, flexible and helpful.
2.2) Sometimes accents briefly confused us for some words, but that happens when we meet people from other English speaking countries -Aussies don't speak English like the English do! We didn't have any real communication issues with our guides.
2.3) We were constantly impressed with the knowledge shown by our guides.
3) All the cars were kept clean, and the drivers were as friendly as they could be, given language limitations. The Xi'an driver (Mr Xu, I think) was especially service conscious, always leaping out to open doors and to ensure we didn't bang our heads getting out of the van. Seatbelts didn't always seem to be fitted (maybe they were, but they weren't always obvious) - I'd prefer to have seatbelts obviously available.
Linda helped us deal with a persistent Forbidden City hawker who wouldn't leave us alone, which was much appreciated. Linda and the other guides (Tracy and Joe) were all knowlegeable, friendly and helpful, and would tell jokes - and even more importantly, laugh at our bad jokes!! All the guides took our photos in front of famous sites - we'll treasure those photos as great memories. Our guides helped create the wonderful time we had.
Joe and Linda both gave us their personal phone numbers, and Joe asked us to contact him if we had any troubles whatsoever during our free night, and even after the official part of the tour was over.
As Aussies, we found it strange that the guide and driver sat at different tables in the same restaurants for their meals, and we would have been delighted to have them at our tables, not only to help us know what we were eating and the correct way to eat it, but also so we could have got to know them better. We understand that some people/cultures wouldn't like this, so perhaps it could be offered as an option, if the guides were willing.
To top it off, for most our trip crowds were very small, which we really appreciated - standing on a cold, windy, almost empty Great Wall, we were could almost imagine what it would have been like as a soldier guarding the border.
  • Clients: Kiyaani
Dec 05,2019
We were very satisfied with Travel China services. You made traveling to China much easier, finding good, safe, and sanitary lodging and restaurants readily available. With as complicated as our schedule was, it was a big relief to know that we would be met at every airport on time with a guide who quickly allowed us to adjust to our new environment. Top honors to our guide in Lhasa for making our stay in Tibet especially memorable. He was instrumental for delivering exactly what we wanted to experience, most notably when he went beyond the usual guide duties and was able to arrange for us to experience a special blessing by a high lama. He was exceptionally knowledgeable about the area, people, and culture and communicated well with us. He was such a good guy, made our trip interesting and impressive.
  • Clients: Sant Kular
  • Country: Canada
Dec 05,2019
Here are my comments.

1. I particularly enjoy a diversification of Nationality within the group as long as we can understand each other. In our group, we had a variety of needs, tastes, and cultural differences. To me these added to the overall enjoyment immensely.
2. I think we spent about the right amount of time on various activities. I enjoyed, pretty well, every activity.
3. I enjoyed the meals!! I probably ate too much!! I also enjoyed the Beijing Duck - they had the best looking room for us and they also decorated their food really lavishly - incredible and very tasty!! I would like to suggest that you plan smaller meals and perhaps fewer as well. For example, you should serve only continental breakfast at the Hotel and follow it up with an early Lunch (Slightly smaller in size) at about 12 noon.
4. All our guides were wonderful and made our trip unforgettable:
Maggie (Beijing) was very knowledgeable and she answered many questions about everyday life, people, politics, history, cultural, religious, ethnicities, etc. A great introduction to China!! She was patient with me when I almost got lost at the Great Wall - Thank you!!
Rita (Xian) was a very happy person to be with. She made us smile and her Southern (Texan?) accent was very striking and humorous to us (Canadians).
Arthur(Guilin) was the best!! He was happy, smiling, accommodating of needs and he was very helpful. My wife was quite sick and Arthur did not leave us by ourselves - he stayed to help, took us to a store to buy some Carbonated water (Sprite) - helped to get my wife to the Hotel Doctor. Thank you Arhtur!! He spent a lot of time at the Airport sorting out our Luggage in the way back from Guilin.
Jack(Chengdu): He was good. Jack had a great sense of humor. We really enjoyed.
Shelly (Shanghai) was, again, very accommodating to change itinerary as requested and yet to accommodate everybody. She guided us for the Shopping that we wanted to do.
4. I was very happy with our tour busses and also the drivers. They did a great job!
Thank you all!!
  • Clients: Mary R. Healy
  • Country: USA
Dec 04,2019
I travelled to Beijing to begin my journey, the reservations were in fact made. The trip was great and the guides more than pleasant. John in Beijing was warm, engaging and delightful. He gave the tour schpiel, and much local history and flavor as well. He was a great storyteller and I enjoyed my days with him and the driver Mr. Zheng. John went above and beyond in assisting me in obtaining a visa for Vietnam, and Mr. Zheng was courteous and pleasant. Roger in Xian was different, and also thoroughly enjoyable. His approach was cerebral and he knew exactly every spot where I should stand for the best view of the best photo. I certainly enjoyed our discussions about a whole range of subjects. Mr. Yang, the driver, was fantastic. Kate met me there in Guilin, and was a sweetheart. She went above and beyond as well, even taking my dirty clothes home to launder as there was not a three day gap to get them done through a service. The level of English of the guides was good, even though each had varying approaches to talking with an American. I would ocassionally question a word or a phrase, but never felt we couldn't communicate. They were able to back up when I said I didn't understand, and we got along great. I hope I was able to help a little bit with the quirky English phrases, a few new words, and I appreciated their curiosity about my viewpoint. We had some weighty discussions and some deep explorations of culture that I thoroughly enjoyed. I thank you for an enjoyable China trip.
  • Clients: Jade Zelnik
  • Country: France
Dec 03,2019
I just want to tell everyone how impressed all three of us were with the reliability, efficiency, and quality of the services of during our trip to China. Our itinerary was rather complex, involving plane, train, and car segments, yet everything went perfectly smoothly. We were met by guides and drivers and supplied with plane and train tickets exactly as planned, which meant that the trip was entirely free of worry. Our guides (Candy in Beijing, Roger in Xian, Jack in Chengdu, Kris in Shanghai) were all remarkably competent, knowledgeable, eager to please, and great company. Candy in particular deserves special mention for her exceptional sensitivity to our needs and her enthusiasm in presenting the wonders of Beijing in a way that was extremely catching and endearing. The drivers were also friendly and professional. The hotels were well chosen and lunch meals for which they arranged were copious and delicious. We also liked being able to choose where to have our dinners, and the guides were quite willing to help us make the right choices and assist us in menu selections. What we will remember from our China trip is the friendly and efficient service, the wonderful sites, and the extraordinarily beautiful scenery... And, should we come back to China, we will not hesitate to contact them again.
  • Clients: Diane Zizak
  • Country: United States of America
Dec 02,2019
We have just returned from our vacation, and we want to enthusiastically share how wonderful our vacation was. We recruited their services for our Yangtze River excursion, with the added days in Chongqing and Shanghai, Xian and Beijing, and everything couldn't have gone more smoothly.
We were greeted at the airport in Chongqing by our local guide, Elle, who was already there and waiting for our arrival with a sign & a smile. Her English was excellent, and her disposition was cheerful. We began our visit to the Panda Zoo in Congqing, which was a very good choice: it was interesting to see the pandas, and a very friendly way to become acquainted with Elle and Chongqing. Afterward, we were brought to our hotel and Elle handled all of the check-in procedures for us - flawlessly. It is indeed a very impressive hotel, one of the best hotels we experienced throughout our month-long vacation in China. The rooms were very clean & comfortable, and the meals were absolutely fantastic! We certainly would want to return to this hotel during another vacation. On the morning of our embarkment of the cruise ship, Elle promptly came by and brought us to the ship. She accompanied us onboard and waited until we were comfortably settled in. She's an excellent tour guide and made a very favorable impression of Travel China Guide.
The Yangtze cruise will surely live in our memories as one the most remarkable travel experiences we have ever had. The cruise ship provided a truly first class experience. Everything was extremely well organized, and our day trips were outstanding. The food was very, very good and very, very plentiful. The crew provided cultural events and entertainment, and everyone was friendly and helpful. We feel we experienced the Gorges, the Dam and the various sites along the Yangtze with very detailed tours and comfortable accommodations. English was spoken fluently by all.
When we arrived at our ship's destination, Yichang, we learned that our local guide had already called ahead to verify our expected time of arrival. His name is Sean, and he was very friendly and enthusiastic to speak to us. His English was perfect! He came onboard and helped us to the van that was waiting for us, and we headed into Shanghai by high-speed train. Another guide called Ryan greeted us at the station. On the way to hotel, we chatted about the city and the sites, and he encouraged us to ask as many questions as we wanted. He was very interesting and very informative. After touring the Bund and the major shopping streets, Ryan took us to the old part of the city, and the next day we were brought to the Shanghai art museum, which we enjoyed very much. He was sensitive to our interests, and we never felt rushed or overwhelmed. When our museum visit was over, we had lunch at a very good restaurant and Ryan asked about our specific likes and dislikes regarding food. He helped us order dishes he knew we would enjoy. It was terrific. He met us at the conclusion of our lunch, and we continued with some site-seeing for the afternoon. He was on time, ready and efficient. He even called the airline to verify our flights, and helped us get settled in at the airline check-in counter. We couldn't have asked for a more personal and thoughtful guide. The following days in Beijing and Xian are both truly amazing, and we also appreciate the local guide Barry and Susan. We will be sharing this information with our friends here in the States, and we're informing our New York travel agent about your first class service. We will certainly do our part in sharing our very wonderful experiences. We look forward to further vacations with your assistance, and thank you for a most memorable vacation!
  • Clients: Sie Liang Hai
  • Country: Netherlands
Dec 02,2019
MEALS: The top set menu's in Beijing were perfect, every time a nice surprise; in Xian our guide Mrs. Celine helped us choose the nice dishes for our meals, and still managed to keep within the budget, only the service in Xian was more provincial and less prefect than in Beijing. We are very grateful to our guide Jessie who exerted herself to help us change the menu to less but better dishes by phoning the restaurants in advance and at arrival discussing it with the floor manager at our request All the more appreciation for our guide who did her utmost best.

GUIDES: All were very friendly, helpful, informative, knew a lot about the history the city and its cultural monuments they worked in, spoke good English in their field of work, although sometimes lacking vocabulary for things outside their field (e.g. when discussing what interest to pay the bank on a mortgage on a house). Our thanks extends especially to Tina in Beijing and Jessie in Shanghai, the last although still quite young had a better grasp of the English language than most others, and was very eager to learn more; they both were very helpful with our special requests, from them we learned a lot about how life in modern China is today. Jessie also helped us with our meals.

DRIVERS AND (MINI)VANS: very, very good drivers, the Americans say that if you can drive in New York you can drive anywhere, we would say the same for Amsterdam with is even more difficult to navigate than New York, but the traffic in Beijing and Shanghai is far worse, and they drove calmly but efficiently through it, merging with the traffic, braking before bumps, letting us off and meeting us after a visit to an interesting place or restaurant as nearby as possible, usually on the pavement in front of the building, we never had to wait long for the (mini)van (good communication between the guide and the driver through the ever present and essential cell phone); never angry, never a cross word, truly professionals! Most of them also were also kind and thoughtful as to hand us our bottles of water before setting out on a visit. Good, clean busses, only the one in Suzhou, a rather aged diesel, was noisy, but otherwise all right!

HOTELS: in all hotels our family of four could, after some discussion through our guide, obtain interconnecting rooms, since we shared 3 suitcases amongst the four of us. Very good! Hotel in Beijing was excellent, A1 location with everything we needed around us, excellent services. We rather pay more for this location than have a hotel away from this street. Hotel in Xian also very satisfactory, nice hotel right in the middle of the city. Hotel in Shanghai also very good, after some discussion with our guide who was most helpful we were given a family room for the four of us including a sitting room and two separate bedrooms, here we had the best breakfasts during our whole trip, the location is unsurpassed, very good restaurant.
  • Clients: Bobby J. Moon
  • Country: United States of America
Dec 02,2019
I have enjoyed working closely with the nice ladies via the internet. They have always been so professional and promptly responsive to any and all of my inquiries about the tour arranged for my party of ten covering the ancient and modern day capitals of China (Beijing, Xian and Shanghai) during the period of October 17-24, 2019. Overall our group rated the tour an exceptional value for money spent; it met or exceeded most of our groups expectations. All of our English-speaking guides were exceptional: Ms. Linda, Ms. Celine and Mr. Ocean in Beijing, Xian and Shanghai, respectively. The drivers were neat and the air conditioned minibuses were first class. The hotel in Beijing was excellent as I was already familiar with it; the hotel in Xian did not measure up to our expectations since it was musty due to smoke and mildew and is showing its age. The food was generally good but some thought should be given to adding more variety in the form of noodles, dumpling and more seafood/fish items. The restaurant (our first lunch in Xian) was a disaster. The food is too oily for Western taste; noodle soup and dumplings would be a big change of pace by then. Special praise for Ms. Linda for helping one of our group recover left-behind articles in the hotel room safe. We were very impressed with her getting all the details taken care of. Other suggestions: having a tourist map of the cities to show the tourists the orientation of hotel location to various sites would be helpful. Overall on a scale of 0 - 10 with 10 being the highest or best rating, I would give the tour 9.0- 9.5 - superb, in fact!!!! Not bad since this was my third trip to China in the last 1 1/2 years!!! I will definitely consider TravelChina Guide my first choice for my next trips to China and look forward to working with you all again very soon!
  • Clients: Morgan Renee
  • Country: Australia
Dec 01,2019
This trip to China was one of our best trips. We travel with my daughter who is currently 12 years old. I am always concerned about safety and if she has fun too. I have to say I would recommend not only your travel agency, for all your help, but China in general as well. You helped us make sure that everything went smoothly by taking care of all our bookings in advance and answering all our questions before we traveled. We planned in many free days for rest but never once did we actually stop, we were busy everyday there was so much to see. The Chinese people are very kind, caring, helpful people and we look forward to traveling to China again!
  • Clients: Susan Seth
  • Country: US
Dec 01,2019
I'd like to say a heartfelt thank you to Emily for making wonderful arrangements for us. We also appreciate their patience and helpfulness while arranging our itinerary. We arrived in Beijing and were taken care of the moment we got off the plane. They were so wonderful in making sure that all my worries and concerns and questions were all answered before we even left for China. Our trip to Beijing, Lhasa, Xian, Shanghai was so memorable. The guides in each city were so welcoming and so informative and were a great help to us. China is such a beautiful country with so much history; my only disappointment is that we were not able to stay longer! Each city has its own character and history and we have vivid memories of it all. The Forbidden City, Potala Palace, Xian City Wall and Terra Cotta Warriors are only a few of our many memories. The Tang Dynasty dinner and show was so beautiful! While we were in Xian, Lily took us to eat dumplings and hot pot, what a treat! Kitty (Beijing), Phurbu (Lhasa), Lily (Xian) and Holly (Shanghai) took great care of us and went out of their way to suggest activities for us when we had free time. Mr. Lee? And all the other drivers were so good to us as well. I'm so thankful that we were able to meet such wonderful people. Emily, I'm very glad that we were able to meet you in Xian even if it was for a short time. It really was a treat to meet the person who put our entire package together. Five star experience!!!
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