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2019 Customer Reviews

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  • Clients: Kate Isaacs
Dec 13,2019
Thank you very much for an unforgettable trip. We have met so many beautiful and friendly Chinese, we think we will keep those faces and eyes and lovely smiles forever in our hearts. To be frank, initially, we felt a little bit uncomfortable by contacting a travel company in the other side of the world, we read the "testimonials" pages and contact a few who did business with you, what we received were all praises and strong recommendations which, of course, were unexpected. All the email responses were so efficient and prompt and informative.
We were lucky to have Candy, Susan and Nancy as our guides, their knowledge of their hometown and command of English just amazed us! All of them were punctual and went out of their way to make our tours enjoyable and informative. It is hard for us to pick the "best" of all. All the drivers were very polite and always ready to help, one of them (I can't remember where) even understand and speak some simple English. You just can't imagine how happy we were with so many young and hard-working people. We saw China's future from these people. We will recommend you to our friends who intend to visit China.
  • Clients: Petra Beck
  • Country: Australia
Dec 13,2019
I'm writing to show my thanks to all of the staff who help us arrange a fabulous trip in China. Especially, I want to say special thanks to Selina, the guide in Beijing. I think Selina is one of the best local guides we had during this trip. She is courteous and sincere, and has an excellent knowledge of the Beijing region. Her command of the English language is good. She showed genuine interests towards her customers. We have a number of older folks in our tour group. I was impressed that she went out of her ways to be helpful to my parents. She was not pushy but gave us time to work things out and make our decisions. She always consulted us before making any major decision or deviating from the original itinerary. She did a great job in making our time at Beijing enjoyable. When she sent us off at the airport, she was well organized and showed attention to details. I am happy to recommend her to future tour groups. She was really an ambassador to your company. Thanks and highly recommended.
  • Clients: Derek jones
  • Country: USA
Dec 11,2019
We have been on many tours all over the world. This ranks as one of the top ones. The itinerary was well thought out to ensure we saw the iconic sites - Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Hutongs, Great Wall, Terra-cotta Warriors, Pandas, Yangtze River Cruise and Shanghai. At my request they organized a pre-tour to Lhasa, Tibet particularly the Patola Palace (12,000’ - the altitude did not affect me too much but really impacts some people).

Travel between cities was plane, train and boat. Amazingly everything went very smoothly. I really enjoy Chinese food and we went to great restaurants representative to the areas. Hotels were 4-5 star and really lived up to that standard. There was plenty of opportunity to wander around on my own.

The guides were outstanding. Very knowledgeable and spoke good to excellent English. Outside of Beijing and Shanghai there were so few non-Chinese that we were a novelty and many locals requested to have their pictures taken with us. (It was out of season so that may account to part of it)

The tour was very good value for money and airfare out of LAX were ridiculously low.

Thoroughly recommend ChinaTours.
  • Clients: Brian Wong
  • Country: Canada
Dec 11,2019
The booking, payment, and confirmation processes were easy. We appreciated receiving contact notices as the tour date approached, including contacting us via our hotel concierge the evening prior.

Candy was excellent tour guide: Punctual, friendly, knowledgeable and her English was strong. We enjoyed the clean bus, the intimate group size & Candy’s intuition for navigating us through the attractions efficiently, yet allowing us to linger in areas when necessary.

The length of the mini tour was perfect to take in the Temple of Heaven, visit Pandas at the zoo, enjoy a scenic rickshaw ride along the river, walk through a traditional community, and stroll parts of the Summer Palace. We appreciated learning the history and stories related to the tour sites: the personal audio boxes were light weight.

We would love to return to the summer palace during the spring and/or summer times because we anticipate the gardens will be even more beautiful when foliage are in bloom.
  • Clients: Geordie Jones
  • Country: USA
Dec 09,2019
This tour was such a wonderful experience! I brought a group of 14 middle school students to China and was a little bit nervous because I had never traveled in China before myself and didn't know what to expect. Working with Kelly at TravelChinaGuide to plan the trip was such a great experience--she answered all of my questions and was extremely helpful in setting everything up. The trip itself could not have gone smoother. The itinerary in each city was incredible, and all of our guides were wonderful! They were all so knowledgeable, friendly, and engaging. It can be hard to keep the attention and interest of middle schoolers, so I was very impressed with how the guides all did that! I had one student get sick and the guide in Xi'an even made a doctor's appointment for me to help take care of that student. I cannot recommend this tour or this company highly enough!! What a wonderful experience. I feel very lucky to have found this tour company! This was such an amazing trip! Thanks to Kelly, all of the guides, and everyone else at TravelChinaGuide for giving us such a wonderful experience!
  • Clients: Meyer
  • Country: U.S.
Dec 09,2019
Thank you for the care and time you took in arranging all of the details for our customized China tour this past November. Although we had traveled through China two years ago, seeing so much a second time did not take away from any of the wonder that comprises China, and we were excited to include Tibet. All four of us seasoned travelers found this China trip to be a wonderful experience and certainly up there with our favorites. We much appreciated the quick responses to any of our queries (and these were numerous!) and your willingness to create this tour so that it met all of our expectations. Linda, you are the best tour operator in China by far. Thanks so much.
  • Clients: Claudia
  • Country: France
Dec 09,2019
I contacted Travel China Guide to help me arrange a private airport to train station transfer, train tickets between Kunming and Dali, and a 3-day solo custom private tour that included Lijiang, Xizhou, Shihgu, Yuhu, Shuhe, Baisha, Shaxi, and Tiger Leaping Gorge. Doris Chang was my contact and she was a star from the get-go: responsive, patient, professional, and thorough. Our pre-trip planning email communication was seamless. Once in China, we communicated by WeChat. Mike, my English-speaking airport to train transfer guide in Kunming was also great. Mike was friendly, professional, and made sure I got on the right train. Kevin was my Dali-based guide who took me around Xizhuo, Shaxi, and the Shizhonshan Grottoes. Alice, my Lijiang-based guide, took me around Lijiang, Yuhu, Shuhe, Shigu, and Tiger Leaping Gorge. Kevin and Alice were friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. My private driver was also excellent. Travel China Guide delivered excellent, trouble-free service. I look forward to arranging future trips with Travel China Guide. Thank you!
  • Clients: Grant Meckley
  • Country: United States
Dec 09,2019

My son and I had a fantastic experience in China and of course I would be happy to share my opinion of my experience with Travel China Guide.

Guides - everything was perfect. Each guide (in all three cities) was always on time and made sure that everything was taken care of when we stopped for a meal or checked into a hotel. Each guide explained what we were seeing and was able to answer any question we had. While some guides' English was better than others, we had no trouble communicating with any of them. But the guides were more than just guides and interpreters; they were also friendly and open in conversation with us, which made the time we spent with them so pleasant. I really feel like I made four good friends in China and this is something I will always remember. As I said before, all of the guides were wonderful so it is really hard to single out just one of them as exceptional. "Tracy" (our guide in Xian) had exceptionally good English, so good that I thought she must have lived in the United States for at least a few years (some of her speech mannerisms were characteristic of a person who lived in California). Tracy listened to our conversation and then would make suggestions for things we might enjoy – like riding bicycles on the City Wall in Xian. "Maggie" (our guide in Beijing) was probably the most knowledgeable of the three and told us many stories that made the history of the Forbidden City come to life. Because of our itinerary, we had some long car rides with Maggie and really got to know her well, so we learned much about modern Beijing and the Chinese people too.

Meals - all of the meals (including the buffet breakfasts) arranged by their service were good. There was often too much food served and we felt guilty wasting it, but the wide variety of different foods to try was very nice - and we always found several items we really liked. The Peking Duck was probably the best lunch.

Cars and Drivers - everything was perfect here too. The cars in all three cities were comfortable and were cleaned out every morning. And we always had fresh water (2 bottles each) waiting for us each morning. The drivers were pleasant and very skilled, even in the very challenging Shanghai and Beijing traffic. The driver we had on our return to Beijing was especially friendly and was learning English.

I hope to visit China again and will definitely use Travel China Guide again when I return to China.

  • Clients: Siu-Ling
  • Country: New Zealand
Dec 08,2019
Most of our tour guides were excellent. They all have good command of English, are all very knowledgeable and offered us a lot of interesting and helpful information. Three of our guides stood out as some of the best that we have met in the industry: Barry, our first guide in Beijing: Barry was very helpful and was eager to make sure our stay in Beijing was comfortable and our preferences be accommodated. He also offered good advice and useful information for the rest of our trip as well. Jacky, our guide in Xian was full of enthusiasm and he really took good care of his customers because he truly believed he was an ambassador for his country and his home town rather than just a guide. I was really touched by his attitude and enthusiasm. Our guide in Guilin, Miss Liu Yu is also a great host who took good care of us and made sure our wishes and preferences be accommodated.. I felt that these three individuals are definitely some of the best in their field and I felt that I have made three good friends on this trip.
The lunches that were arranged for us were of good quality and they were generally very good representation of the local cuisine.
The hotels arranged for us varied in their quality. The one we liked the most was the Sheraton Shanghai Hongkou Hotel. It is a hotel with true international 5-star standard. It is absolutely stunning. The service and the food quality were also excellent. We were not too happy with the hotel in Beijing. It does not have a good location.
  • Clients: Charles Pallone
  • Country: USA
Dec 07,2019
Following are my comments regarding our recent tour and the service and value. The meals were all excellent. Being somewhat of a picky eater this was an area of concern when planning the trip. Most meals were either beef, chicken, or pork with rice and steamed vegetable. All meals were presented well and were very good. In general there was always more food than the two of us could eat. Our favorite meal was the Peking Duck...this was our first experience in eating duck. It was crispy, tender and delicious. All guides were extremely conscientious, knowledgeable and courteous. They spoke and pronounced English well and were knowledgeable about their particular cities and attractions. All cars were clean and well cared for. The drivers were always courteous and attentive. Everyone at have far exceeded my expectations. However I would like to acknowledge a couple of individuals that went above and beyond. First of all Yori Yuan from the reservations center. He was very patient, timely, and courteous in answering my endless number of emails. He sensed my concerns about booking and paying online and put them at ease. He personally met us in Xian and returned an overpayment of US$12.00 as well as giving us a gift. He definitely provided world-class customer service. Secondly the guide in Xian, Rita. In general conversation she found out that my Birthday would be during our stay in Xian. The night we went to the Tang Dynasty Musical Show she arranged for a Birthday Cake and a special Birthday song by the performers. I will definitely always remember my 62nd Birthday. If you are planning a trip to China, do not hesitate to use will meet and exceed your expectations. We booked the private tour and it was well worth the extra money. Thank you Yori for helping us make the China trip a memorable one.
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