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2019 Customer Reviews

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  • Clients: Rolf Berweger
  • Country: Switzerland
Dec 01,2019
My brother and I would like to thank you for the perfect arrangements for our China trip and the travel to and from there. Everything went fine without any trouble at all. We were particularly very happy with our Tibetan lady tour guide who introduced us in a perfect way to the special Tibetan culture. Our private driver was the best driver we ever had, always alert and cautious, but also very humourous. We liked the travel itinerary a lot, a good mix of cultural relics and natural beauty. The extra day we added and which brought us to the Sera Monastery was especially worthwhile, off the beaten tourist routes. In short, we have been very happy with all the arrangement and we will not fail to promote your agency to any party interested to travel to China.
  • Clients: 2 Clients from Canada
Nov 30,2019
We had a wonderful experience with TravelGuide China.
All of the meals they arranged were wonderful. We found them very delicious and enjoyed the quality of the restaurants selected. The only thing that they might consider changing in the future is that our first two meals in Beijing both had lemon chicken served. However, this is such a very minor point. We enjoy the dish and therefore have no complaints this way. Regarding the a la carte meal in Xi'an, the food was always delicious (even the unknown meat), the service excellent and the atmosphere in all of them was very good. Since all the meals were wonderful, we enjoyed them all. The Dumpling Restaurant was fantastic. The show too was a terrific experience - so much so I wish I would have stopped to buy the DVD to show family back home.
We both have limited knowledge of Chinese history so are in no position to scrutinize the information we were provided. As far as we were concerned, All the tour guides' knowledge was very good.
The attitudes of our drivers were fine and the cars were kept clean at all times. No drivers spoke English so communication was at a minimum. It was nice to see a woman driver in Xi'an. She was very pleasant and friendly. The cars were nice and provided a smooth ride throughout the tour. The drivers were excellent in skill. We felt safe the whole time in the cars despite all the traffic. We were especially impressed at the drivers were able to navigate the car skillfully and efficiently through traffic getting us from one destination to another very quickly when time was of the essence.
We would like to thank Linda and the driver for their patience at the Great Wall since we arrived at it very late in the day and probably took longer than average tourists to see it. We know we made their day very long but they were both very obliging and accommodating. She also did her best to make our visit to the Summer Palace a bit longer than the itinerary had allowed for. While this was requested in the emails, it was somehow overlooked and she made certain everything turned out fine. We can't thank her enough.
Finally, we would like to thank you Vera for the special personal greeting from your office during our meal in Xi'an. The gifts were a wonderful momento of the service you provided and of a lovely trip to China. These are memories we will cherish forever. Thank you.
  • Clients: Barbara Nash
  • Country: USA
Nov 28,2019
I returned from my trip. I thoroughly enjoyed this China travel, and that all the arrangements worked out perfectly. All the guides and staff who helped me were completely professional, courteous and well-informed. The cruise was excellent . . . they had enough excursions and activities to keep things interesting, but also allowed us "down time" to simply sit on deck, watch the scenery and relax. The kids who work on the boat are amazing & talented. Cici is not only beautiful, but also works very hard and is a very bright young woman. A young woman named Vicky served our table in the dining room, and she was just delightful. I most want to compliment Ruan (Oscar) who was my guide in Yichang. Oscar was a fantastic & knowledgeable guide. I am a person who asks many questions, and he had answers for all of them. We visited the museum in the midst of a crowd of 10-year old school children, and he was as good with the children (and helping to introduce me to them). I very much enjoyed my time in Yichang. Thank you for a trip well done!
  • Clients: Barbara Ford
  • Country: USA
Nov 28,2019
We are finally home and settled and miss China. We had a wonderful time! We really enjoyed this country, its people and all it has to offer as a growing nation. Everyone was friendly and helpful. As an extensive traveler I find this is not always the case but would recommend China and travel there to anyone interested. We had wonderful hotels. We felt that we got a small taste of everyday China by staying in big multi-storied hotels. All the staff at the hotel were helpful and courteous. We had an opportunity to make dumplings and try calligraphy. The courtyard was beautiful and we could sit and drink tea and enjoy the sounds of the local area. Our Beijing tour guide was a pure joy. She was always smiling and helpful. Her English was excellent. When we had questions she always had answers and helped us find the things we needed. My daughter and I came down with allergy symptoms and she helped find a drug store and medicine to make our stay more comfortable. I can not say enough good things as she really made our stay a wonderful experience! Our Xian driver was very good. The car was spotless and in good condition. He seemed to know all the places we needed to go and got us there in a timely manner. There was always extra water in the car, he always made sure that our items we left in the car were secured and taken care of when we were doing other things and seeing the sights. The only drawback to our trip were the late night flight from Shanghai. We really enjoyed being able to see a little more of China than Beijing only. The Terracotta Warriors, Great Wall and the Bund being the best of our trip there. Our guides and drives were courteous and well informed. We will be requesting this company for another trip to Asia soon!!!
  • Clients: Andrew Beadle
  • Country: South Africa
Nov 27,2019
China was great and the arrangements by your team were absolutely the best. Our guides and drivers were spot on time and went out of their way to ensure we got the most out of our trip. Thanks also for taking the time to come and meet us personally during our stay in Xian. The standard of hotels and restaurants and the food was really good. The hotel in Beijing was perhaps too far away from the city center, but of course it is only a short taxi ride away. The food at this hotel was also not as good as all the other hotels but we then ate at Wangfujing and had great food there. We can recommend your services to others very highly.
  • Clients: Riccardo
  • Country: Italy
Nov 26,2019
During our one-month long honeymoon across China we booked two tours with TCG.
The first was a 5-days tour in Zhangjiajie visiting the glass bridge, the national park, Tianmen mountain and the city of Fenghuang. The second was a 4-days tour in Guilin visiting Guilin, Longsheng, the Li River and Yangshuo.
The service delivered (itinerary, accommodation, vehicles and driver) in both tours met our expectations but the thing that deserves a extra mention are the guides, Amanda and Linda. They were kind, helpful (f.e. avoiding us the long lines during the golden week and reserving great restaurants) spoke a good english and arranged for us unforgettable experiences (f.e. zipline, scooter and hiking).
In summery if you're planning a trip to China or to particular Chinese rural area I can only recommend TCG.

During our trip we also used the TCG train booking service and it works flawless.
  • Clients: Benny Israelsson
  • Country: Sweden
Nov 26,2019
We were three persons that had one day to spend in Beijing before we should continue to our final destination in China and to make the most of this day we used TravelChinaGuide.
The TravelChinaGuide helped us to arrange a tour to the forbidden city and after that we went to the great wall of china.
They were very helpfull with the arrangement before we left home and came up with a good solution despite the short time we had for the tour.
We were picked up directly at the airport when we arrived and went direct to the forbidden city to start the tour.
We had an excellent guide that had a great knowledge of the chinese culture and history, so she made the experience even more interesting.
We also had a good car and driver that was with us all day and took us safely between the places we visited.
The guide helped us through the whole day with all practical things such as lunch and were to buy some souvenirs, she even surprised us with an extra stop to taste some local tea.
After this wonderful day we were taken to our hotel and the guide even helped us to check in, so the service and overall experience was excellent and i can recommend to use TravelChinaGuide.
  • Clients: Kristen M. Thomas
  • Country: United States
Nov 25,2019
We had a wonderful vacation and we're quite pleased with nearly all aspects of the whole visit! I'm happy to share our experience and our impressions on this trip...
About the guides: John was great. Went a little fast, but we knew there was a lot of ground to cover in a short time. He was very personable, his English was quite good, and his historical knowledge informative. He also put in a LOT of long hours to make sure everything was well handled, and we really appreciated that! Overall, we had some good laughs and really enjoyed our time with him as our guide! How can I fit in all the great things about Jacky? We just adore him! He was kind, accommodating, knowledgeable, friendly and -- we believe -- the best-known man in Xian! :) He and Xu, our driver, took wonderful care of us... and I truly felt like we were being taken around as friends... not just clients. Jacky was not only kind and helpful to us, but to everyone around him, which makes him a real treasure. With his gentle and fun nature, Jacky made our time truly special and memorable! There is no doubt that Jacky is the *best* guide in the region! Thank goodness for Angel in Guilin! Thanks to her, we were able to end our trip on a GREAT note! We really enjoyed our time in Guilin and would have liked to have stayed longer! Angel took us to some great restaurants... understood and respected our wishes/requests... kept us engaged and interested... and laughed with us (even when we were laughing at ourselves! :)... She was friendly, conversational, fun, personal, knowledgeable and all-around WONDERFUL! I only have two regrets: 1) that I was a bit harried at the airport as we left, so I didn't give her as personal farewell as I would have liked and 2) that I didn't get her email address to stay in touch. :)
Cars: Without a doubt, one must be a brave, brave person to drive in the cities. :)... All our drivers were good. Mr. Lou and Mr. Winn (?) in Beijing stood out as among the best, most personable. The cars were fine! :)
Regarding the overall service, I was extremely pleased with! The pre-trip communication was exceptional, and all arrangements were exactly as stated! The guides and drivers were great... friendly, conscientious and more than qualified! John in Beijing was great, while Jacky in Xian and Angel in Guilin were truly exceptional!!!
  • Clients: Edward Ruggiero
  • Country: USA
Nov 24,2019
We had an incredible journey in China! First, we want to thank TCG for obtaining our permit. It was delivered to our hotel in advance of our journey into Tibet and we encountered absolutely no problems because we had all the requisite documentation. Next, we want to thank our guide, Urgyan. He did an excellent job in planning our days. He also did a great job explaining the history of the various sites that we visited as well the Buddhist religion. Urgyan has a great grasp of the English language and was easy to understand. He was always pleasant and looking out for our best interests. Next, we want to thank our driver, Jimmy. He too did an excellent job. Jimmy was a very safe driver. He also kept both the inside and outside of the car very, very clean. He too was pleasant to be with although he had only a basic understanding of English. That being said, we were able to communicate with Jimmy too. Tibet is an incredible place and this trip was a great introduction to its most well-known sites – such as the Potala Palace in Lhasa (previous home of the Dalai Lamas). In addition, we viewed numerous magnificent monasteries and many places of natural beauty. We have great photographs and wonderful memories of Tibet and we hope to return to explore more of this amazing land (hopefully with Urgyan and Jimmy).
  • Clients: Linda Hauck
  • Country: USA
Nov 24,2019
Our tour in China was a wonderful success! We have already told many friends of our good experience with your company.
-We found the accommodations very comfortable.
-The pace of the tours was exactly right for us and we particularly appreciated the free time we had in Shanghai and Beijing.
-Most of our guides were quite good. Jennifer (Shanghai) was very well informed and an absolute delight with her cheery, friendly demeanor! JoAnn in Chongqing knew quite a lot about the area and the city; it is too bad we had so little time to spend with her. Our guide in Yichang was adequate, but seemed quite bored. Rita, in Xian, was excellent! She was so well informed and taught us so much of the history and culture of China. She did not limit herself to Xian, but brought all of China to life for us. Rita was definitely our favorite guide. Lina in Beijing showed us all the important sites and was very hospitable. I think she was new to the job, as she did not know the answers to many of our questions and was not familiar with the international airport procedures.
-The vans provided were roomy and the air conditioning was very welcome. Flying from city to city afforded us extra rest and time to enjoy more of the wonderful places offered.
-The cruise aboard the Century Legend was excellent. The ships staff were courteous and knowledgeable. The accommodations were clean and comfortable. The layout of the ship was excellent, offering us many different vantage points along the Yangtze River. Thank you so much for suggesting we upgrade to this 5 star cruise.
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