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2019 Customer Reviews

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  • Clients: Bernard van Marle
  • Country: Netherlands
Nov 13,2019
Let us start with the various points.

1. Meals: In general the meals arranged (lunches and a few dinners) were of a very good quality and plentiful. We seldom managed to eat all the food that was served.

2. Guides: The guides knowledge of the English language was very good. They were all very knowledgeable about their city and the various sites we visited. Not only that but they took great care of us from the moment they met us on arrival in the airport until departure. They were with us every moment of the day and kept us well informed of all that was of interest and tried to assist in any possible way. Most of them were very likeable persons and it was great to be in their company. They were not just robots but persons one could discuss all kinds of subjects with. We felt very comfortable with the guides and considered them as friends by the time we had to leave for the next city.

- Linda in Beijing. She was a very nice and likeable person and we got on with her very well. When we had to leave Beijing we almost felt sorry for losing a close friend.
- Lily in Xian. She was also very nice and a lovely gentle personality.
- Oliver in Shanghai. A calm and very friendly person. A pleasure to talk with.

As to the specific items:

1) All the guides were assertive in offering relevant knowledge about the sites we visited (and often more than that). If we had any questions left they never remained unanswered.
2) All the guides had a thorough knowledge of the English language and at no time did we have any communication problems.
3) All the guides had an admirable knowledge of their city and sites we visited.

3. Drivers & Cars: The service attitude of all the drivers was excellent. In general they were also very good and safe drivers considering the often very busy roads and chaotic traffic. The most courteous of all the drivers was the one in Beijing. All the cars were kept clean. The car in Xian was the best of all: brand new and spacious and very comfortable. The car in Shanghai was noisy and I believe the shock absorbers need to be replaced.

4. Hotels: The hotels were generally of a very good standard. Hotel service and room hygiene was satisfactory. Breakfast was good. Before coming to China we were warned that the beds in the hotels are often very hard but we had no problems all beds with just one exception were comfortable.

Overall, EXCELLENT tour. PERFECT organization.
  • Clients: Anne McCo
  • Country: USA
Nov 13,2019
Overall, I could not imagine a better experience in traveling. The two of us chose to tour China privately with an English speaking guide. We've been on group tours; cruises; and independently, but this was by far the most amazing way to travel. When we travel with other English speaking people we all end up talking to each other about our lives, etc. While this is enjoyable, I realized this time that traveling alone together left us with much more of an "emersion experience" into the culture, cuisine, language and landscape of the country. It was phenomenal in every way. I would absolutely recommend Tcg team. I am an obsessive researcher and after many options we considered I am glad we chose this one. I anyone is looking for the most authentic way to travel in a country in just 2 weeks, this is it!
  • Clients: Guy
  • Country: Canada
Nov 13,2019
We just returned home from our China trip, it was a long time so it was good to be back home. The meals were very well arranged. We were always in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere, it was pleasant. The one meal that stood out the most was the Dumpling Banquet. The setting, food, and service with a smile and respect. Besides it was very good. For me quality of food goes along with the presentation and the service. For example the Beijing Duck was a fine place to eat, clean and the food very well presented. But the service was not there. We were left alone, nobody was around to help if we needed anything. Maybe they were too busy that day but this is the impression that the whole group got. Otherwise it was a good choice of a place to eat. All of our guides were very good. Their knowledge and attention to details was amazing. They each had their own style and the group got along well. They were always on time and did not mind going out of their way to help us. We were given fresh water daily. They gave us good advise about the locals but we felt that it was up to us, there was no pushing or forcing. The daily plan or agenda was always given to us before each day. Their English knowledge was very good. We had no problem to understand and communicate with both of them. We even learning some basic Chinese words and counting. We enjoyed it. Their knowledge about places was very accurate. We had a point by point explanation of the provincial history museum like we never had. Celine really had our attention. We will remember some of these explanations for a lifetime. Regarding the driver, we were very fortunate to have such caring and dedicated people with us. Going to a foreign country I think that it is important to feel safe in the transportation mode. If you take a taxi, well, this is a short ride and you may not feel too safe by the way he drive but with someone driving for a week you need to feel secure. All drivers were very good. They also got along good with the guides, very good relationship or partnership. While visiting I would at times catch the driver washing our windows, good attitude. We felt that the bus was taken care of. Our personal belongs were left in the bus often while visiting and again we all felt safe to do so. I would like to thank you very much for all the help that you gave me for this trip. All at TravelChina are very good and I would recommend it to everyone.
  • Clients: Linda E Owens
  • Country: USA
Nov 12,2019
Here are my comments on some specific topics of our recent trip:

1. Meals: All of the arranged meals were great, in clean, comfortable surroundings with plenty of healthy food, and no intestinal problems during the entire trip. We covered so much of China and had the opportunity to sample so many different cuisines it would be very difficult to pick one or two as favorites, but I will try. My friend liked a potato dish she discovered at lunch in Beijing phonetically pronounced Gian Bei Yang Yu Si that she tried to find at every restaurant after Beijing, and a chicken in lemon sauce she particularly liked. I particularly liked a broccoli and garlic vegetable dish found at most restaurants, a chicken dish with peanuts and vegetables, and a crispy pork and vegetable stir fry I had several times. Also, the Beijing Duck was very nice. Where we did not have arranged meals, the guides were very helpful in recommending restaurants that proved to be quite good. One in particular in Chengdu recommended by our Guide Hanna was called "Rose's" nearby the town square. Rose actually served us, and owns two restaurants side by side. She was a superb host, brought us a charcoal brazier to ward off the evening chill, and entertained us with interesting dialog while the meal was being prepared by the chef who is also her boyfriend. We were in Chengdu during the week long national holiday and the town was filled with thousands of wonderful, happy people. This unique day was one of many highlights we will always remember.

2. Guides: We can't say enough good things about the majority of guides we had on our trip. Brian in Beijing set the tone and standard of excellence in English ability, pleasing personality, local knowledge, customer service attitude, and promptness. We would rate him as the best guide we had, but not by much. Other guides were better in some areas than Brian, but he was great in all categories. Lily in Xian and Hanna in Chengdu were right up there with Brian. I ask many questions, and most of the guides were able to answer every one. Hanna in particular was able to answer many of the questions I had on the pandas. Our last Guide in Shanghai, Mr. Wang, was probably the most experienced in terms of number of years guiding, and the most knowledgeable of his local area. His English was exceptional. He was a fantastic supporter of Shanghai as being a wonderful city, which it is, and he set about proving this to us. He was probably the most assertive Guide we had, and his choice of places to visit on our free day was 100% correct.

3. Cars: All of the cars and drivers were superb. Most of the drivers kept pretty much to themselves, and appeared to have minimal English speaking ability, and talked mostly to the Guides. The notable superior exceptions were Charlie in Beijing and Mr. Wang in Shanghai who were very friendly and outgoing and included us in their conversations Mr. Wang even went so far as to give us a small gift on departure.

We had a fantastic time, would not hesitate to use Travel China Guide on another trip to China, and would give an unqualified endorsement to our friends to use Travel China Guide in planning their trips to China.
  • Clients: Jim Walter
  • Country: United States
Nov 12,2019
We had a wonderful time on our journey, and it was an added joy to have the opportunity to meet you, Kelly, while in Xian. Thank you for taking the time with us and for the gifts. I did a lot of research on many companies in the two years we planned our vacation, mostly from the U.S., and confess to a little concern dealing only on-line with a company in China I was not familiar with. Your prompt, professional email exchanges quickly put me at ease, and facilitated development of a great itinerary at a price I considered to be an exceptional value.
The trip was wonderful from start to finish. All three of our in-country flights went well with every one departing and arriving on time. Something not usual in the U.S. The choice of hotels in our tour category was also very good. All had fine locations, great facilities, and service.
I can't say enough about how positive are feelings are about the trip, the wonderful memories, and the new and positive perspective we have on the Peoples Republic of China. The growth and prosperity we observed everywhere we traveled was incredible. The people were met were truly kind, generous, and friendly. We especially enjoyed our chance encounters with primary and secondary school children. They are so full of life and eager to practice their English skills. I was also tremendously impressed with the obvious concern, attention, and corrective actions the Chinese government is placing on its environmental issues.
  • Clients: Akram
  • Country: India
Nov 12,2019
We found your company just by chance when we were browsing the internet to find more information (using Google). We also joined the China Travel Community Forum and posted some questions which were always quickly answered by the members. We also read the mainly positive feedback on both your website and on Tripadvisor. After our first contact we were very impressed by your quick response to any message we sent. It appears that you operate a 24 hours system that means we get an answer regardless of the time of the day or night. There is no doubt that we will be very happy to recommend your company to anybody who is thinking of visiting your country.
  • Clients: Cheryl Horsey
  • Country: US
Nov 11,2019
We absolutely loved our China trip. This travel company was amazing. The itinerary was comprehensive and I would not have traded any of the destinations. All of the meals were very good. Especially in Xian! Meals in Beijing was least favorite. Always way too much food, but excellent. Lily, who was our guide in Xian, we felt was exceptional. She was extremely knowledgeable about the history (of which there is a long one in Xian). She was very friendly and has a great personality. Her English is impeccable. We had a great time with her! Jing Jing was our guide in Guilin and we loved her as well. She was so charming and pleasant. Jing Jing celebrated my partner's birthday with us by having a birthday cake sent to the hotel (Thanks for this too) and we had a great conversation. Relaxed and comfortable. I will always remember this. Shirley was the guide in Yichang, she is very memorable for her warm and engaging personality. Also, for helping us with our banking there! The drivers and the cars were great. All of them. The cars were clean, and we always had bottled water. The drivers were very friendly and accommodating. They were excellent drivers. The next time we travel to China I will go with Travel China Guide. I have highly recommended it to all my friends who travel! Thank you for a memorable China trip.
  • Clients: Luka
Nov 11,2019
It has been just over 1 week since our return from our wonderful adventure in China and we have Travel China Guide to thank for completely handling every fantastic detail of our trip. Prior to our trip, the very prompt, courteous and patient responses to our many email questions/ concerns were reassuring and provided us with a sense of professionalism and thoroughness on their parts, regarding accommodations, sights to be visited etc. We must admit that we were "hopeful" that all of the details promised to us, were going to be delivered upon our arrival in China, but we were truly amazed at the extent that the entire experience greatly exceeded our expectations on every level. How many times can we say "THANK YOU"? Not enough to show our true appreciation of the wonderful & memorable trip they arranged for us.
  • Clients: Ronald and Marijke Hoogenboom
Nov 11,2019
We have had an excellent holiday. Our time in Guilin & Yangshuo was very interesting, weather was great, scenic spots were very good and the hotel reasonable. The boat trip through the Li River was also very exciting. At all locations we were met by good English speaking guides and transport was well arranged. All in all the logistics of the trip went very well, which was a great relief and substantially contributed to the success of the holiday. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your kind support and hope that if and when I plan another trip through China, I can use your services again. Where applicable I will recommend your company to friends who are in the process of planning similar trips through China.
  • Clients: Larry Young & Anne Murphy
  • Country: United States of America
Nov 10,2019
I would be happy to provide feedback. The meal we had in Beijing was excellent - very unique, very delicious, very China. The restaurant was very classy and stylish. I would recommend it to all. Our guide in Chongqing was OUTSTANDING. Very conscientious, took great care of us, spoke perfect English. We tried to tip her but she refused!!!!! And all of our guides spoke perfect English. Our driver from Chongqing airport to the boat was very nice, very professional. Same for the car - very clean, very nice. Unfortunately though he smoked and the car smelled like cigarettes. He did not smoke while driving us though - only during the bathroom stops. I would recommend this travel company to anyone. They responded to all of my emails in a very timely and professional manner, and helped arrange a trip my husband and I will never forget. Traveling in a foreign country like China where neither myself nor my husband speak or read the language can be very unsettling. the local guides were always waiting for us at each of our travel destinations, they took us to local restaurants and where time, local sites. They were always professional and courteous, and spoke perfect English. I would like to thank TCG for the truly amazing quality of service we received. Thank you Travel China Guide!
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