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2019 Customer Reviews

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  • Clients: Kien Cook
Dec 18,2019
First of all, I would like to thank you all for a very well planned itinerary. We were able to see all of the major sights for which China are known, we learned a tremendous amount about your long and fascinating history and culture (much of which I have captured in extensive notes), and we were able to get at least some feel for how the local people live and think today. The latter was very important to us. It was wonderful to see the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Terra Cotta Warriors Museum, and the City Wall, etc., but having lunch with the local lady in her home, watching the Kung Fu show & Tang Dynasty show and playing Tai Chi with a local master were more fascinating. These are the kinds of experiences that help peoples of different backgrounds better understand one another. You did such an excellent job and we had such a great trip that we felt we owed you as thorough and honest feedback as possible.
  • Clients: David
  • Country: Australia
Dec 18,2019
Excellent service from our booking agent Yori Yuann who designed our private tour.

I have found after numerous tours to China it is best to use a guide and driver as it allows you to see more in a day and fully understand the sites you visit.

Priority ticketing and access to sites, local knowledge etc made it a more positive experience.

Rates for hotels were good, and we were very pleased with the quality of the rooms.

The guides met us at airports, train stations etc as we arrived in each city ensuring a seamless journey.

We did have free days to explore via subway.

The guides ensured that we knew best areas to eat at night and hotels were chosen that were close to local restaurant.

I would use TravelChinaGuide again as our experience was excellent.
  • Clients: Ky Howell
  • Country: USA
Dec 17,2019
Seeing the pandas had been on the top of my list since I moved to China. Despite my last-minute call (I desperately needed to get away for a weekend), both my travel agent and tour guide, Ashley Tang and Jack respectively, helped me plan a trip to Chengdu without a problem. They worked with my wants and needs and provided an excellent adventure that had let me see everything I wanted without feeling burned out. The hotel they provided was in an exquisite resort, and Jack was very informative with every place we visited. If you want to plan a trip to Chengdu or volunteer st a panda reserve, I highly recommend this agency to help you.
  • Clients: Sharon Tan
  • Country: Malaysia
Dec 17,2019
This is our 2nd time going for a China tour with TCG. I must say that it was a well planned tour.

This tour took me 1 year to plan it, that means our tour operator Emily, has been liaise with me for a year. I really thank her and appreciate her help to response to my requests fast and with patient. It cannot be denied that successful of this tour, a big credit should go to Emily.

During our tour, We have visited lots of places, from Beijing to Luoyang, then Xian, followed by Chongqing and Chengdu. Tour guides and drivers did their best to serve us during the tour, and I am much grateful for that.

In this tour, I want to specifically thank our guide in Luoyang, Chongqing and Chengdu.

Jenny was our guide in Luoyang. When she realized my father is having difficulties walking up and down the staircase, she has been very kind and shows her care to my father by support him by the arm when he walk up and down staircase. And this lasted for whole day. And she even stay back with us at night to wait for the train, so that she can help us carrying the luggage to the train. I must say that Jenny is a very caring person especially to the elderly.

Next when we were at Chongqing, Bella, our guide was also a caring and super friendly person. She shares a lots of her knowledge and experience, not only about the places we visit, but also other places in China. It was very nice and comfortable talking and listening to her as she has that easy get along type of personality. And she is also a very caring person taking care of our need during the trip. Also not to forget our driver Shi Shifu was also very helpful taking care of my parents when they are not follow us for certain places visit due to low stamina. I must say we have the best experience in Chongqing.

Lastly in Chengdu, we also received very well service from Leila the guide and Zhou Sifu our driver. When my father get sick and we need to change the schedule in last minute, they are able to response to me fast and cope with our request. They were also kind to drive us to the pharmacy to get some medicine.

I am grateful that we met a lot of good people in this tour, and I will definitely return to Chongqing and Chengdu as there are still a lot of places that we yet to visit, and definitely if possible I will request for the same driver and guide.
  • Clients: Vikki Halliday
  • Country: UK
Dec 16,2019
We are pleased to give a feedback on this tour we just finished.

Guides: All the guides took a real interest in the places they were showing me and appeared very proud of their city and heritage. All the guides spoke very good English, understanding them was never a problem. Again all the guides had a very in depth knowledge of their cities and showed me round with enthusiasm.
Meals: All the meals served were of a very high standard but I particularly enjoyed the restaurant I ate lunch in on the Sunday in Beijing, the food was fantastic and the Peking duck restaurant was also gorgeous, I would recommend anyone on a visit to Beijing eats there!
Drivers and Cars: All my drivers were fantastic, always on time and the cars were always clean and tidy.

All the guides made an effort to ensure that my holiday was not only enjoyable but personal to me, taking into account the things I wanted to do and see rather than sticking to a rigid routine. The personal touch was very much appreciated.
My guide in Beijing very kindly brought me a moon pie to try one morning after I had mentioned the day previous I'd never seen or heard of them before, I thought it was very kind of her to have picked up on that and remembered to bring one for me.
My guide in Tibet was fantastic at organising the days sight seeing in such a way that I'd get to see and make the most of the places and things I was most interested in, again I was very impressed with the way he picked up on the things I had talked about wanting to see that weren't a part of the tour and managed to fit them in during my stay. Lhasa was a truly memorable and beautiful place.
My guide in Xian was incredibly knowledgeable of her city and she had such a great enthusiasm for the tour and her home city, it was a pleasure being shown round by her.
Though I only really got to spend one full day with my guide in Shanghai, she was also very knowledgeable and accommodating of the things I wanted to see and do.
  • Clients: Sue Oski
  • Country: Australia
Dec 15,2019
I am very pleased to post the feedback on the China tour Travel China Guide arranged for us. We were very happy with all they provided for us. The standard of the guides we felt was very high, we were delighted to come to know them and the three of us enjoyed their company and personalities. They all were informed about the areas we were visiting and were happy to share with us some of their lives which we very much enjoyed hearing about. Each one of them had something special to offer us, Murphy her keen enthusiasm, Coco her relaxed and perceptive responses to our requests, Min's sense of humour and readiness to help, Michaels professionalism and attention to details making our time with him very smooth going...all in all excellent young people who shared their world with us and added to our wonderful experience of an amazing country. They all spoke English well and it was easy for us to understand them .

We were also pleased with the skills of the drivers...all the cars were of reasonable standard...probably the cars in Beijing and Guilin being of the highest standard...but in saying that the drivers were all excellent...driving with care and remaining with the vehicle when our bags were on board. The driver in Shanghai deserves a special mention as he was required to check on us at 1.00 am after putting in a long day when our flight was cancelled. He did this with concern for our well being and no sense of irritation.

The standard of the hotels was excellent. The places Michael took us to were especially good.

Thanks and we hope to be able to do business with Travel China Guide again.
  • Clients: Marilyn Robbins
  • Country: Canada
Dec 14,2019
We had a phenomenal China trip. The tour exceeded all of our expectations. Our tour guide in Beijing, Candy Lin, was especially exceptional. She was waiting for us on the platform when we arrived so we had no worries about trying to find her in a crowd of people. She is, perhaps, the best guide I've had since coming to Asia. She possessed extensive knowledge and was able to provide an incredible amount of detail not only about the places we visited but about the country and history. We learned more in the four days than we had in the previous eight months of living here in China.
The sights we visited were spectacular. It was wonderful having a chance to see historical Chinese places as so many of them have been destroyed here in the south. The Great Wall at Mutianyu was just as it is pictured in books and movies. It's truly an awe-inspiring place.
The hotels we stayed in were all first rate. The rooms were spacious, clean, well-lit, and very, very comfortable. The breakfast buffet was delicious. The vast array of food selections--both chinese and Western--ensured that everyone in our group was able to eat something. The meals included on the tour were great. There was so much food, it was impossible to eat it all. There was also an excellent mix of dishes so we were able to try a variety of traditional foods. One recommendation I would make about the food is for the a la carte meal. We had a great deal of difficulty choosing foods and some of the foods were not what we had expected. For us, it would have been easier had the meal been pre-selected. We ended up ordering far too much food and then wasting it. But, the food was still very delicious.
All in all, everyone in our group was thrilled with the tour. The only complaints we had were regarding the crush of people at a couple of the sights and that certainly wasn't anything you could control. I'd give it five stars.
  • Clients: Rebecca Hutson
  • Country: United States
Dec 14,2019
We have been bragging about this trip since we got back home. I've told everyone how much I enjoyed the entire trip because we had wonderful guides who handled everything and I was able to relax and enjoy this trip like no other. Honestly, going to China was never my idea. My husband wanted us to go and I had some apprehension. However, I was very impressed and am so glad we went. I thought the tour was fantastic, we saw so many highlights. The guides were great, knowledgeable, helpful, kind, and accommodating. The scenery was breathtaking! I was impressed by the cleanliness, even during the holiday with so many people.
While telling friends about our trip, we always mention how great the hotels were, the spectacular breakfast buffets, and the fabulous lunches provided. These were all a part of the experience that made the trip so enjoyable. I would really hate for people to miss out on those things.
  • Clients: Janet Perry
  • Country: United Kingdom
Dec 14,2019
A belated thank you to Linda for her excellent arrangements on our recent China trip. Everything worked efficiently and the guides and drivers were always waiting for us at the airports. We were particularly impressed the way Linda handled the last minute changes when our outgoing flight was cancelled. We were very happy to be a group of 2 and were able to do everything at our own speed. With the benefit of hindsight we would have done a few things differently. We should have used the hotel you originally suggested in Shanghai. Although the Peace Hotel we booked on our own has an excellent location it is old and worn out and the staff do not seem happy in their work. We enjoyed Guilin very much and our free time in Yangshou. The guide there Jesse was excellent - his English was probably the best of all the guides we used - although all of them had a good command of the language, and he was particularly helpful. This was absolutely stunning - Guilin was one of the highlights of the holiday. The girl guides we had were all charming and friendly and we talked to them about all sorts of things - life in China and in England. We were pleased to meet Linda in Xian and enjoyed the dumpling banquet. We would certainly recommend TravelChinaGuide without reserve.
  • Clients: Jody Gomber
  • Country: Canada
Dec 13,2019
I am glad to provide some feedback on our recently completed China trip. Guides - we had a total of 4 guides. We would rate as very good to excellent to Lynn in Shanghai, Lhakdon in Lhasa, guide in Xian (name forgotten). These people were all well informed and informative, enthusiastic and helpful, and had good English. The guide in Beijing was enthusiastic and willing, but he need to improve his English. Meals - we appreciated that the information about our dietary requirements had been passed to the guides and was taken into consideration in meal planning. Food was plentiful and quite tasty. We thought the à-la-carte meals were a nice touch. We appreciated the opportunity to have lunch outside one time when the weather was nice in Lhasa, and would have liked to do more of that. Probably our most memorable meal was one we had on our own in Xian. The noodles were delicious. Cars - the cars were generally clean and comfortable. Drivers were generally friendly and service oriented. Hotels - generally, we were impressed by the hotels. They were well located. We appreciated the fact that we might not have found some of these hotels on our own, as some didn't appear in our guidebooks. Home visits - the home visits were quite interesting. The guides clearly do the same visits over and over again and know all the answers to the questions we might ask the hosts; however, we would suggest they refrain from answering themselves and act more like translators, so that the hosts can play a more active role in the visits. We found this varied from guide to guide. Overall, we were very pleased with the trip and with the services of TCG.
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