Terracotta Army Facts

How to Get to Terracotta Army from Beijing/ Shanghai/ Hong Kong

First, one needs to get to Xi'an. Flights and high speed trains are recommended for the relatively short duration while normal speed overnight sleeper trains can be good choices for a day tour to Terracotta Army.

Upon landing by flight, take airport shuttle bus or metro line 13+ line 4 + line 1 to Fangzhicheng Bus Station and transfer to Tourist Bus No.5 (306) to Terracotta Army; if arriving by high speed train to Xi’an North Railway Station, take metro line 2 + line 1 to Fangzhicheng Bus Station and then change to Tourist Bus No.5 (306) to Terracotta Warriors and Horses; arriving by normal speed train to Xi’an Railway Station, you can take metro line 1 or bus 42 to Fangzhicheng Bus Station to board the Tourist Bus No.5 (306) to Terracotta Army.
From Beijing From Shanghai From Hong Kong
High Speed Train + Metro +  Bus 306 8.5-10h 10-11h 14-14.5h
Overnight Train + Metro + Bus 306  15.5-18h 18.5-19h Not Recommended
Flight + Airport Bus + Bus 306 4.5-5h 5.5-6h 5.5-6h

Get to Terracotta Army from Beijing / Shanghai / Hong Kong

Step 1: Get to Xi'an by Flight or Train

From Beijing by Flight

Usually, there are more than 20 flights departing from Beijing Capital International Airport and landing at Xi'an Xianyang International Airport every day, and the frequency is about one hour. Air ticket fare for economy class is changeable between CNY600 and CNY2,000 because of different airlines and the flight dates, and the whole trip takes about 2 hours. 

From Beijing by High Speed Train

From Beijing West Railway Station, you can arrive at Xi'an North Railway Station by taking high speed train. Nearly 15 departures are available for passengers each day from 06:53 in the morning to 18:55 in the evening. Their departure interval is diverse between 30 minutes and an hour and a half approximately. It costs CNY500 to CNY1,700 according to various seat types. The high speed train takes 4.5 to 6 hours for a single trip. 

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From Beijing by Overnigth Train

Besides, you can also take an ordinary speed overnigt train from Beijing West Railway Station to arrive at Xi'an Railway Station. Every day, 9 trains are operated from 14:22 to 22:15 with an interval of about one hour, and the ticket fare of soft sleeper is not more than CNY440.5. The whole way will take more than 12-14 hours, longer than high speed trains. 

Among them, T231 and Z19 departing in the evening and arriving in the morning are recommended. Saving daytime, they are good choices for travelers making a one day tour to Terracotta Army

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From Shanghai by Flight

At Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA) and Pudong International Airport (PVG), more than 25 flights land in Xi'an airport per day. It takes 3 hours, and price of the airline tickets is various from CNY600 to CNY4,500. 

​From Shanghai by High Speed Train

From Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, you can take a high speed train taking 6 to 7 hours to get to Xi'an North Railway Station. It departs between 06:09 and 17:05 from morning till afternoon. Ticket fare for first class seat is CNY1,095, and for second class seat and business class seat are CNY669.5 and CNY2,114 respectively.
From Shanghai Railway Station, there is also an overnight high speed train D306 to Xi'an North Railway Station. Running from 22:55 to next 10:06, it saves the daytime and makes a day tour from Shanghai to Terracotta Army possible. Ticket fare for a soft sleeper is CNY960. 

 See Shanghai - Xi'an Trains 

From Shanghai by Overnight Train

Normal speed trains are also available from Shanghai Railway Station to Xi'an Railway Station. Over 15 hours are needed for a single trip, and the fare of soft sleeper is CNY509.5 per person.

From Hong Kong by Flight

There are three direct flights from Hong Kong to Xi'an airport each day. It could take 3 hours and cost from CNY1,500 to CNY3,000. You can also go to the nearby city Shenzhen to take the flight to Xi'an airport between 06:15 and 21:05 at a cost of less than CNY1,130 per person. 
 How to get to Shenzhen Airport from Hong Kong:
There are almost 8 shuttle buses to Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport from Sheung Wan, Tsim Sha Tsui Harbor City, Ocean Park, Disneyland Resort or Hong Kong Airport in Hong Kong, so you can choose any one of them to reach the destination. Their intervals are 15 to 30 minutes, and the duration and ticket fare are 1.5 to 2 hours and CNY 130 to 150 mostly.

From Hong Kong by High Speed Train

There is no direct train between the two cities. A transfer in Shenzhen is recommended. From Shenzhen North Railway Station, there are three high speed trains per day, taking around 9.5 to 10 hours on the way to Xi'an North Railway Station. A first class seat costs CNY 1,401 and a second class seat costs CNY 888. 

 How to get to Shenzhen North Railway Station from Hong Kong:
1. By MTR + subway: Take MTR East Rail Line to Lok Ma Chau and cross the border to Futian Checkpoint. Then take Shenzhen subway line 4 to get there.

2. By Bullet Train: Take bullet train from Hong Kong West Kowloon to Shenzhen North Railway Station with a duration is only around 20 minutes. The frequency is several to dozens minutes and at least 50 departures are available every day.

See Hong Kong - Xi'an High Speed Trains


From Hong Kong by Overnight Train

Also, a transfer in Shenzhen is needed. They depart from Shenzhen Railway Station to Xi'an Railway Station. A single trip takes 24-29.5 hours, so it is not recommended. 

Step 2: Get to Terracotta Army from Xi'an Airport/ Xi'an North Railway Station/ Xi'an Railway Station

From Xi'an Railway Station

After getting out of the Xi'an Railway Station, you can walk southward for about 800 meters (875 yards) to Wulukou and take metro line 1 to the terminal Fangzhicheng Bus Station. Then take the Tourist Bus No. 5 (306) directly to Terracotta Army. The tourist bus No.5 (306) departs from a roadside bus stop 25-30 meters north to Fangzhicheng Bus Station between 7:00 and 19:00, at the fare of CNY 5.

Please note that there are fake buses of tourist line 5 around the bus station. See more about Avoiding Traps, telling how to stay away from the fake buses and fake Terracotta Army sites.

From Xi'an North Railway Station​

If arrive in Xi'an by high speed train, you can take metro line 2 and transfer to metro line 1 to reach Fangzhicheng Bus Station, then board the tourist bus line 5 (306) to get to the destination, taking CNY11 and nearly 2.5 hours.

From Xi'an Airport

1. Take airport shuttle bus to Fangzhicheng Bus Station in about 70 minutes with a cost of CNY 25 per person, and then take the tourist bus line 5 (306) to Terracotta Army. You can also take metro line 13 (airport line) + line 4 + line 1 to Fangzhicheng Bus Station and go to Terracotta Army by tourist bus line 5 (306).

2. Take airport shuttle bus at a cost of CNY31.5/person to reach Lintong Bus Station to get on bus Lintong 101 to arrive at the Terracotta Warriors and Horses.

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Beijing to Terracotta Warriors
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Well, the price of the air ticket changes a lot, so it can’t be confirmed now. The entrance fee is CNY150.
Actually, you are suggested to join a group tour for the visit, maybe you can contact with Travel China Guide at traveltravelchinaguide.com.
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