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China’s 6 Best Destinations in November

Falling in Autumn, November is surely one of the most beautiful months in China. Enjoying red leaves on the Great Wall and wandering in the ancient cities of Yunnan province are must-do activities. Apart from that, the natural landscape in Guilin, the West Lake in Hangzhou and classic gardens in Suzhou are the highlights you cannot miss. Here are the 6 best destinations in November for your China trip.

China's 6 Best Destinations in November


Yunnan: A Colorful Paradise

Lugu Lake, Yunnan
Location: Southwest China

Yunnan Temperature in November: about 6°C ~ 22°C (43°F - 72°F)

Weather: Cool, strong Ultraviolet, big temperature difference between day and night

Highlights: ancient cities, ethnic minorities' customs, colorful fall leaves and migrant birds

Things to Do:
November is a good time to wander in the Lijiang and Dali ancient cities. You can not only appreciate the old buildings but also enjoy some special snacks and explore locals’ lives. Watching migrant birds in Dianchi Lake in Kunming is also a good option for those bird lovers. Apart from this, you can enjoy the colorful leaves in different areas of Yunnan, such as ginkgo leaves in Tengchong. The golden leaves make the village a gorgeous golden castle.  

 Recommended Tour:  8 Days Yunnan Tour to Kunming - Dali - Lijiang - Shangri-La from $1299

Badaling Great Wall: Enjoy Red Leaves Decorating Winding Wall

Badaling Great Wall, Beijing
Location: Yanqing District, Beijing, Northeast China

Great Wall Temperature in November: about 3°C ~ 14°C (37°F - 57°F)

Weather: Compared with downtown Beijing, the weather of Badaling is a little colder and it is windy on the Great Wall.

Features: Great Wall winds up and down along mountain ridges; red leaves on mountain slopes

Things to Do:
As one of the best places to visit in China in November, the Badaling Great Wall attracts a lot of tourists not only because of its grand structure but also because of the sea of red leaves. When entering the middle autumn, most trees near the Badaling Great Wall have turned to deep red and golden color. Hiking on the Great Wall, you can see it is like a giant dragon winding on the colorful mountains, which is very spectacular.

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to Forbidden City & Great Wall

Guilin: Boat on Li River & Enjoy Ginkgo Leaves

Guilin in November
Location: Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, South China

Guilin Temperature in November: about 12°C ~ 20°C (54°F - 68°F)

Weather: pleasant, less rain

Must-sees: Li River, Yangshuo, Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave and Ginkgo Forest of Haiyang Town
Things to Do: 
Guilin is famous for its natural landscape and the picturesque Li River. In November, besides visiting the classic scenic spots like Elephant Trunk Hill, Yangshuo and Reed Flute Cave, you cannot miss the most essential part, Li River cruise to enjoy your leisure. In addition, a large scale of yellow ginkgo leaves in Haiyang Town; about 40 km (25 mi) east to Guilin, can catch your eyes undoubtedly. There are several ginkgo trees that are more than a thousand years old and the whole world become a golden fairyland.

 Recommended Tour:  11 Days Small Group Tour of Beijing - Xi'an - Guilin - Shanghai from $1799

Suzhou & Hangzhou: A Paradise on Earth

Tiger Hill, Suzhou
Location: Suzhou in Jiangsu Province, Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province, Southeast China

Suzhou Temperature in November: about 9°C ~ 17°C (48°F - 63°F)
Hangzhou Temperature in November: about 9°C ~ 17°C (48°F - 63°F)

Weather: moderate and pleasant, humid

Highlights: West Lake, classic gardens, ancient water towns

Things to Do:
Referring to the best places to visit in China in November, Suzhou and Hangzhou are surely on the list. The West Lake is the essential beauty of Hangzhou. Taking a boat on the lake and immersing yourself in the autumnal sceneries can be very enjoyable. The classic gardens including Humble Administrator's Garden are your must-visit places in Suzhou. The delicate lay out, exquisite design, fancy rockery and winding corridors form various classic gardens and make you feel like you are in a Chinese painting. Also, the ancient water towns like Wuzhen, Zhouzhuang and Tongli are good places to appreciate the traditional buildings in Yangtze River Delta.

 Recommended Tour:  5 Days Shanghai, Suzhou & Hangzhou Tour

Fujian: Coastal Scenery & Unique Architecture

Fujian Travel in November
Location: Southeast coast of China

Fujian Temperature in November: about 17°C ~ 21°C (63°F - 70°F)

Weather: pleasant, less rainy days, windy

Highlights: Gulangyu Island, Fujian Tulou, Mount Wuyi

Things to Do:
As the largest city of Fujian Province, Xiamen is a beautiful costal city and it is one of China's top places to travel in November in China. Gulangyu Island is a pearl of Xiamen and it features various buildings in different styles such as former consulates of western countries and traditional buildings with South Fujian characteristics. Another highlight you cannot miss is the Fujian Tulou, which are a kind of residential buildings in Yongding and Nanjing counties. There are more than 8,000 Tulou in square, round, octagonal and oval shapes. It is a little cold in Mount Wuyi in November but trekking to appreciate the picturesque scenery is worthwhile.

 Recommended Tour:  5 Days Fujian Tour to Xiamen, Tulou and Mount Wuyi from $719

Taiwan: A Treasured Island with Beautiful Landscape

Taiwan Travel in November
Location: To the Southeast of Mainland China

Taiwan Temperature in November: about 18°C ~ 23°C (64°F - 73°F)

Weather: A little cool, humid

Highlights: Sun Moon Lake, Ali Mountain, Taipei National Palace Museum, Seaside Kenting

Things to Do:
Taiwan is one of the best places to travel in November in China. You cannot miss the only natural lake in Taiwan, the Sun Moon Lake, which is surrounded with green mountains and the water is clear as crystal. Cycling around the lake is a good choice. Besides that, watching sunrise on the Ali Mountain and relax on the beach of Kenting will leave you a deep impression. Another must-visit place to go is the Taipei National Palace Museum, where houses more than 600,000 pieces of culture relics including the jade cabbage and the meat-shaped stone.

 Recommended Tour:  8 Days Classic Round-Island Taiwan Tour
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