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Jiaozhou North Railway Station - North Railway Station

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Qingdao metro line 8 connects Jiaozhou North Railway Station and Qingdao North Railway Station via Jiaozhou City, Chengyang, Licang, Shinei and Shinan Districts. Along the northwest-southeast line stretching for around 48 kilometers (30 miles), there are altogether 11 stations. The operating hours are from 06:30 to 21:30 with the frequency of around 9 minutes. The fare for a start-to-end trip costs CNY7 and the journey time is around 45 minutes. Passengers can easily transfer to Qingdao subway line 1 and line 3.
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Timetable of Qingdao Metro Line 8

Stations First Train Last Train
To Jiaozhou North Railway Station To North Railway Station To Jiaozhou North Railway Station To North Railway Station
Jiaozhou North Railway Station  -- 06:30 -- 21:30
Jiaodong International Airport (closed)  -- -- -- --
Jiaodong  07:03 06:40 22:03 21:40
Dajian  06:56 06:47 21:56 21:47
Hongdao Railway Station  06:52 06:35 21:52 21:52
Health Center  06:49 06:38 21:49 21:55
Fitness Center (Hongdao International Convention & Exhibition Center)  06:47 06:40 21:47 21:57
Guantao  06:42 06:44 21:42 22:01
Hongdao Science and Technology Museum  06:39 06:48 21:39 22:05
Dayang  06:36 06:51 21:36 22:08
North Railway Station 06:30 -- 21:30 --

Transfer along Qingdao Metro Line 8

 North Railway Station: Transfer with Line 1 & Line 3


Surroundings and Bus Routes near the Stations of Qingdao Metro Line 8

("" points out transfer station)

 Jiaozhou North Railway Station
Surroundings: Zhanqian Avenue, Jingbei 1st Road, Sanzhu Road, Weiwu Road, Jiaozhou North Railway Station, Genglezhuang Village, Gegezhuang Village, Jinjiatong Village
Bus Routes: Jiaozhou Bus Line 216, 602, 609 & 618

 Jiaodong International Airport (closed) 
Surroundings: Bigou River, Jiaodong International Airport, Houxinzhuang Village, Anjia Village, Xiaoguanzhuang Village, Shengli Village, Yujiacun Primary School
Bus Routes: Jiaozhou Bus Line 216, 605, 607 & 609

Surroundings: No.204 National Road, Chuanyi Road, Pinshuo Huanian Community, Fuxin Huayuan Community, Jinhu Xinyuan Community, Jiaodong Shoufu Community, Fumin Jiayuan Community, Jiaodong Town Industrial Park, Jiaozhou No.4 Middle School, No.12 Middle School, Qixin Primary School, Xinghai School
Bus Routes: Jiaozhou Bus Line 1, 6, 12, 16, 27, 30 & 605

Surroundings: West Zhengyang Road, Xianghe Road, Longhai Road, Yuhai Road, Shijia Yuyuan Community, Dajian Community, Jinri Jiayuan Community, Heyuan Community, Hetao Industrial Park, Hetao Central Primary School, Chengyang District No. 8 Middle School, Shunxin Jiayuan Hotel, Xinhe Hotel
Bus Routes: 774, 901

 Hongdao Railway Station 
Surroundings: Huihai Road, Muhai Road, Fenghe Road, Huihai Community, Hehuayuan Community, Hongdao Railway Station, Huqing Village, Hetao Primary School, Zhanggezhuang Primary School
Bus Routes: 118, 774, 908, 920

 Health Center 
Surroundings: Huoju Road, Shaohai Road, Jinhai Road, Chaohai Kindergarten, Xiaojian Xicun Market
Bus Route: 779

 Fitness Center (Hongdao International Convention & Exhibition Center) 
Surroundings: Huoju Road, Shuangji Road, Hongdao International Convention & Exhibition Center, Fitness Center, Outlets Shopping Mall
Bus Route: 779

Surroundings: North Suliu Road, Huanhongdao Road, Genghai Road, Guantao Village, Guantao Community, Licang District Experimental Kindergarten
Bus Route: 925

 Hongdao Science and Technology Museum 
Surroundings: Huaqiang Road, South Huanan Road, Jingyi Road, Goujiao Community, Hongdaowan Community, Hongdao Science and Technology Museum, Fanta Dream Land, Agricultural Bank of China
Bus Routes: 765, 777, 902, 937

Surroundings: Dayang 1st Road, Dongdayang School, Dongdayang Kindergarten, Fengwang Supermarket
Bus Routes: 777, 902

 North Railway Station
Surroundings: South Cangtai Road, North Railway Station, Hongxin Jiayuan Community, Ruifeng Xinyuan Community, Yongping Jiayuan Community, Jukelai Hotel, Agricultural Bank of China, Postal Savings Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Hanting Express Hotel
Bus Routes: 23, 24, 27, 112, 113, 118, 120, 207, 325, 387, 603, 614, 624, 636, 773, 935
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