Chengdu Metro Line 18

South Railway Station - Tianfu Airport North

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Chengdu metro line 18 connects Chengdu Tianfu International Airport with downtown Chengdu. In specific, it links South Railway Station and Terminal 1 & 2 of Tianfu International Airport via 9 stations including Western China International Expo City and Tianfu Railway Station (closed). Chengdu subway line 18 will extend in the south-north direction for about 67 kilometers (42 miles) in total. 

Timetable of Chengdu Metro Line 18

Stations To Tianfu International Airport North To South Railway Station
First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
South Railway Station 06:10 23:30 -- --
Incubation Park 06:13 23:34 06:31 23:45
Jincheng Plaza East 06:15 23:35 06:29 23:43
Century City 06:17 23:38 06:27 23:41
Haichang Road 06:23 23:43 06:22 23:36
Western China International Expo City 06:28 23:48 06:16 23:30
Xinglong 06:32 23:52 06:12 23:26
Sancha 06:45 00:05 06:00 23:14
Tianfu International Airport North -- -- 06:00 23:00

Transfers of Chengdu Subway Line 18

 South Railway Station: Transfer with line 1 and line 7
 Incubation Park: Transfer with line 9
 Century City & Haichang Road: Transfer with line 1
 Western China International Expo City: Transfer with line 1 and line 6

Surroundings and Bus Routes near Subway Stations of Line 18

(“” refers to transfer stations)

 South Railway Station 
Surroundings: Tianfu Avenue, Guanghe 1st Street, South Railway Station, Changchengnanyuan Community, Duhuilu Community, Xinnan Zhongxin Office Building, Dongrui Financial Center, Capitaland Mall Plaza, Complex Office Building, Suning Plaza, Dading Shiji Square, Sichuan Cancer Hospital (No.2 People's Hospital), Fusen-Noble House Furniture Market, IKEA, Baixin Drugstore, Papa John’s Pizza, KFC, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Watsons, Skytel Hotel, Days Hotel Suites Dading, Huanbian Art Hotel, Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of Communication
Bus Routes: 16, 19, 49, 76, 99, 109, 111, 133, 187, 188, 236, 256, 505

 Incubation Park
Surroundings:  Shujin Road, Incubation Park, Jiaozi Park, Municipal Government, Taida Mansion, 
Tianfu Shijia Community, Xipai Guoji Community, Jinyue Community, Chengnan Community, Damofang Community, Taida Mansion, Gaosheng Financial Center, Zhonghang Office Building, Chuangxin Mansion, Dongfang Mansion, Tianfu Middle School, Paotongshu Primary School, Aux Shopping Mall, Watsons, Starbucks, KFC, JI Hotel, Jiuyixiang Hotel, CITIC Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China
Bus Routes: 162, 188, 220, 515, G63, G64, G65, G66, G93, K13

 Jincheng Plaza East
Surroundings: Tianfu Avenue, East Jinyue Road, South Kehua Road, Guixi Ecopark, Jincheng Park, Jincheng Square, Shiji Xinyuan Community, Shilong Community, Shiguangli Community, Zhonghai Lanting Community, Fengdu Tianxia Community, Chengda Jiayuan Community, Tian’ehu Community, Shiji Fengjing Community, Chengda Mansion, New Century Shopping Mall, Jincheng Shopping Mall, Global Center, InterContinental Hotel Chengdu Global Center, Starbucks, Pizza Hut
Bus Routes: 74, 118, 102, 125, 171A, 171B, 184, 501, 504, 509, 510, 801, 898, G164  

 Century City
Surroundings: Shijicheng Road, Jirui 3rd Road, Jiqing 5th Road, Century City, Swan Lake Garden Community, Wuguojie Community, Shiguangli Community, Liangjiang Guoji Community, Xiangyuehu Community, Chengshangcheng Community, Xingchen Community, Landmark Apartment, Huishang Park, Jiangtan Park, Guilong Park, Tianfu Software Park, Shilong Square, Chengdu Metro Office Building, Chengda Mansion, Weitong Mansion, Tianxiang Shopping Mall, Agricultural Bank of China, Merchants Bank, Chongqing Bank, Construction Bank, China Mobile, Hongqi Supermarket
Bus Routes: 171A, 171B, 188, 240A, 240B, 471, 501, 503A, 504, 817, 898, G83, K13

 Haichang Road
Surroundings: Haichang Road, Guangning Road, Fuhe Road, Lushan Avenue, Haichang Polar Ocean Park, Mingzhu Yiyuan Community, Gucheng Community, Lugang Community, Haitang Community, Yuecheng Community, Tianfucheng Community, Xiangshan Bandao Community, Banshanyue Community, Zijingcheng Community, Huayang Coach Station, Tianfu District 5th Primary School
Bus Routes: 501, 504, 505, 509, 510, 523, 544, 571, 811, 820, T34, T207, T208A, T213, T214

 Western China International Expo City
Surroundings: Fuzhou Road, Hanzhou Road, Xiamen Road, Yanzhou Road, Tianfu Avenue, Western China International Expo City, Tianfu Park, Qinhuang River, Luxihe Ecological Park, Qinhuang Temple, Qinhuangyuan Community, Guanghui Yuyuan Community, Wanda Community, Zhongye Tianfu Mansion, Jinzu Mansion, Tianfu Xindi Mansion, Tianfu No.7 Middle School, Tianfu Central Business District, Zhaizi Mountain, Wanda International Hospital, Tianfu New District No.8 Kindergarten, Guanghui Art Gallery
Bus Routes: T1, T40

Surroundings: Mengxi Road, North Kexuecheng Road, Hongxing Road, Qunxian Road, Kezhi Road, Xinglong Lake, Baoshui Yiyuan Community, Luxi Hepan Community, Changzhen Community, Runhe Huayuan Community, Changzhen Community, Runhe Huayuan Community, Tianyuan Shiyi Community, Tianfu Middle School, Xinglong Experimental Kindergarten, Xinglong Primary School, Tianfu Industrial Park, Yishoutang Drugstore, Xinglong Hospital
Bus Routes: T39, T100, T101, T102

 Tianfu Railway Station (closed)
Surroundings: Dongshan Avenue, Tiandeng Road, Meixian Road, Zhixue Road, Dongfeng River, Tiandeng Village, Ouyan Village, Tianfu Railway Station, Taoyuan Xinju Community, Luojiapo Community, Haitangyuan Community, Tianfu New District Hejiang Primary School, Hejiang Kindergarten, Hejiang Middle School, Jinfu Hotel, Qiushi Hotel, Jilun Hotel, Hejiang Hospital, Licheng Market, Hejiang Farm Products Market, Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank
Bus Routes: T32, T37, T41, T134

Surroundings: Anshun Street, Shuangjian Road, Huanhu Road, Huachang Village, Sancha Lake Reservoir, Guoning Huayuan Community, Xinsancha Middle School, Lin Shijian 2nd Primary School 
Bus Route: Konggang Bus Line 2

 Futian (closed)
Surroundings: Fuxing Street, Fuhou Street, Dingshui Village, Heyan Village, Daji Village, Longyou Village, Guiganba Village, Huixiang Temple, Wangsi Shopping Mall
Bus Routes: Konggang Bus Line 7 & 7A

 Terminal 3 & 4 of Tianfu International Airport (closed)
Surroundings: Outang Village, Ninle Village, Lishi Village, Sanqingmiao Village, Guanyin Temple, Huilincun Primary School, Yingming Hospital
Bus Routes: Konggang Bus Line 7 & 7A

 Terminal 1 & 2 of Tianfu International Airport (closed)
Surroundings: Jianren Road, Sanyu Village, Longwan Village, Jinshan Village, Xingfu Village, Tianfu International Airport (Under Construction), Guofang Primary School, Caochizhen Middle School
Bus Routes: Konggang Bus Line 7 & 7A

 Tianfu Airport North
Surroundings: Anshun Street, Shilian Road, Jiansan Road, Yangquan Village, Shibao Village, Luyong Village, Gongjia Village
Bus Routes: Dong Bus Line 18
- Last updated on May. 22, 2023 -
Questions & Answers on Chengdu Metro Line 18
Asked by Suwit from THAILAND | May. 20, 2023 02:03Reply
how to go Luadai Ancient Town (洛带古镇) by metro & bus
From Xihe station (metro line 4), is there a bus to go to Luadai Ancient Town? How long does the bus take from Xihe to Luadai Ancient Town.
Answers (1)
Answered by Flora | May. 22, 2023 20:55

Yes, the bus line L024/ 219/ L042 are all available. You can take one from Xihe Metro Station to Luodai Passenger Transport Center Station, and then you can see the town. The bus takes about 50 min for 11-km journey.
Asked by C from CHINA | Dec. 13, 2020 13:53Reply
Open and close times of Chengdu metro line 18?
Where can I find the operational open and close times for line 18 on your website?
Answers (1)
Answered by Sasha | Dec. 14, 2020 22:06

The operating hours are from 06:10 to 23:30.
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