Chengdu Metro Line 13

Wayaotan - 2nd West Checheng Road

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Stretching in the northwest - southeast direction, Chengdu metro line 13 is scheduled to start serving the public in 2024. According to the plan, the first phase of Chengdu subway line 13 will connect Wayaotan and Long'an, passing totally 21 stations and covering around 29 kilometers (18 miles). It will connect Wuhou District, Jinjiang District and Longquanyi District, passing Dongpo Road, Thatched Cottage of Du Fu, Qingyang Palace, Xinnanmen, Sichuan Normal University...

Route of Chengdu Metro Line 13

Wayaotan - Wanjiawan - Peifeng - Wanshouqiao - Dongpo Road - Guanghuacun - Thatched Cottage of Du Fu - Qingyang Palace - Xiaonanjie - Wenweng Shishi - Huaxiba - Xinnanmen - Jiuyanqiao - Sanguantang - Jingju Temple - Sichuan Normal University - Jiaozi Flyover - Xingfu Meilin - Sansheng Huaxiang - Longhua Temple - Long'an

Transfers of Chengdu Subway Line 13

 Peifeng & Sansheng Huaxiang: Transfer with Line 9
 Dongpo Road & Sichuan Normal University: Transfer with Line 7
 Qingyang Palace: Transfer with Line 5
 Xiaonanjie: Transfer with Line 17
 Wenweng Shishi: Transfer with Line 10
 Huaxiba: Transfer with Line 1
 Xinnanmen: Transfer with Line 3
 Sanguantang: Transfer with Line 6
 Jingju Temple: Transfer with Line 8

Surroundings and Bus Routes near Subway Stations of Line 13

(“” refers to transfer stations)

Surroundings: Jiang’anhe Bridge, Jiang’an River, Dongpo Rd., Tonglong Road, Guozhuang Square, Qifu Cultural Square, Caiqiao Community, Anding Hospital

Surroundings: Zhiyuan Avenue, Chengfei Avenue, Guanghua Avenue, Wanjia Fudi Community, Longxiangyuan Community, Xiangbin Guanghua Community, Jinse Lingyu Community, Dongyuan Shiguangdao Community, Guanghua Yijia Community, Shude Middle School (Guanghua Campus)
Bus Routes: 210, 229, 232, 271, 347

Surroundings: East Peifeng Road, Wanliu Road, North Wuqing Road, Guanghua Xinyuan Community, Peifeng Community, Shangdao Xicheng Community, Ouyuan Community, Hualongmen Community, Shangshui Huayuan Community, Wanjia Industrial Park
Bus Routes: 210, 344, 89, 123, 844

Surroundings: Ruixing Road, Qingshui River, Guanghua Lansheng Community, Xizi Xianghe Community, Shidai Zuncheng Community, Qingjiang Yashe Community, Qili Bishuiwan Community, Jiangjiao Tingyuan Community, Paotongshu Primary School
Bus Routes: 21, 37, 170, 1086

 Dongpo Road
Surroundings: Dongpo Road, Jiayuan Road, Qingfeng Street, Shuimu Guanghua Community, Youpindao Community, Zhonghua Jiayuan Community, Wangjun Community, Chengdu Huayuan Community, Jinyang London Community, Cuidi Chunxiao Community, Huyuan International Primary School, Guanghua Police Office
Bus Routes: 37, 170, 1118, 1157, G190, G65, 214, 339, 1059, 83, 84, 100, 164, 339, Night Line 16

Surroundings: Qinghua Road, Tianxiang Community, Tianyi Huayuan Community, Caotangju Community, Zhuyun Jinghua Community, Jiangjiao Apartment, Shengshi Caotang Community, Renhe Chuntian Department Store, Qingyang District Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital
Bus Routes: 151, 165, 111, 211, 1059, BRT K11A, K11, K13A, K13, K2A & K2, 47, 214, 339, 1031, 1134, Night Line 6, 35, 58, 170, G74

 Thatched Cottage of Du Fu
Surroundings: North Caotang Road, Huanhuayuan Community, Shuiliyuan Community, Thatched Cottage of Du Fu, Xiyuan Apartment, Sichuan Museum, Industrial Park
Bus Routes: 35, 58, 82, 151, 165, 170, 1024, G74, Jincheng Sightseeing Line, 1134, G58, G60, G61

 Qingyang Palace
Surroundings: Qingyang Street, Qintai Road, Baihuatan Road, Qingyang Palace, Huanhuaxiang Community, Huanhua Xincheng Community, Qintai Road Community, Cultural Park, Baihuatan Park
Bus Routes: 34, 58, 1079, 27, 42, 59, 280, 1024, Night Line 4

Surroundings: Middle Jinli Road, West Nanpu Road, East Dashi Road, Jinjiang River, Jinjiang Shidai Huayuan Community, Xiandaicheng Community, Guancheng Huayuan Community, Xuhe Qingcheng Community, Fuhua Xinqidian Community, Yunya Hotel, Industrial and Commercial Bank
Bus Routes: 53, 70, 1079, Jinjiang Park Loop Line, 93, 340

 Wenweng Shishi
Surroundings: Wenweng Road, East Jinli Road, Nanheyuan Community, Tongciyuan Community, Guojia Huating Community, Lishe Binjiang Community, No.363 Hospital, Yinxingyuan Park, Jushuangyuan Park, Caihong Primary School, Shangchi Zhengjie Primary School, Chongqing Bank
Bus Routes: 35, 93, 256, 340, 343, G74, Jinjiang Park Loop Line, 57, 109

Surroundings: Xiaotianzhu Road, Daxue Road, Daxue Road Community, Meili Rensheng Community, Yangguang Community, Yidun Community, Tianzhuyuan Community, Sichuan University Huaxi Campus, Huaxi Hospital, Longjiang Road Primary School, Huaxi Primary School
Bus Routes: 8, 45, 61, 78, 99, Night Line 7, 1025

Surroundings: East Linjiang Road, Middle Linjiang Road, Longjiang Road, Mudan Mingyuan Community, Hongxingyuan Community, Xinqiao Community, Shichang Community, Jingyueju Community, Xinnanmen Coach Station, Longjiang Road Primary School
Bus Routes: 6, 35, 49, 55, 62, 76, 141, 1022, 1130, G51, G52, Night Line 9

Surroundings: Sichuan University Wangjiang Campus, Waitan Community, Shiji Chaoyang Community, Nanfujin Community, Zhenghuang Shangling Community, Chaoyang Mingzhai Community, Lianhua Xinqu Community, Jinquan Community, Hongxi Huayuan Community, Haihui Huayuan Community, Yucai School, No.12 Middle School
Bus Routes: 1107, 12, 19, 27, 92, G57, G92, Night Line 4

Surroundings: Longzhou Road, Sanguantang Street, Langji Wangjinyuan Community, Gongnongyuanjie Community, Longzhou Community, Wangjiang Jiayuan Community, Jinxinyuan Community, Lianxinyuan Community, Dongguiyuan Community, Niusha Xinyuan Community, Tianjiabing Middle School
Bus Routes: 3, 18, 31, 68, 74, 82, 91, 200, 218, 332, 336

 Jingju Temple
Surroundings: Jingju Temple Street, Jingju Temple, Yongxing Community, Dongrun Fengshang Community, Dongrun Fengjing Community, Mingzhuyuan Community, Luye Tiancheng Community, Shaheshang Community, No.10 People’s Hospital, Majiagou Primary School, Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Bank of China
Bus Routes: 12, 51, 56, 79, 138, 186, 218, 332, 336, 343, 1018, BRT K19, Night Line 10

 Sichuan Normal University
Surroundings: Jing’an Road, Ling’an Road, Chengdong Yajun Community, Dexinyuan Community, Xiaoyuan Chuntian Community, Vanke City Garden Community, Huihuang Jiayuan Community, Huaguo Xinju Community, Caiyu Community, Zhirui Yayuan Community, Jinxiangsi Community, Sichuan Normal University, Lingchao Road Primary School, Bank of China
Bus Routes: 51, 138, 343, 452, 56, 186, 332, 336, BRT K19, Night Line 10, 1042

 Jiaozi Flyover
Surroundings: Jiaozi Flyover, Chenglong Avenue, Longxing Avenue, Zhuojincheng Community, Shouchuang Jiaozi Community, Shangdong Jincheng Community, Langudi Community, Dongcheng Meidi Community, Huaxing Xinju Community, Ziqi Donglai Community, Meitong Community, Haitang Jiayuan Community, Jinjiang Daguan Hospital, Yanjie Street Primary School, Chengdu No.3 Middle School
Bus Routes: 138, 186, 196, 238, 343, Night Line 10, 51, 77, 104, 137

 Xingfu Meilin
Surroundings: Jinjiang Avenue, Huadu Meilinwan Community, Hexiang Ruiyuan Community, Heneng Jincheng Community, Jinjiang Chengshi Huayuan Community, Dongjing Jiayuan Community, Huaxin Community
Bus Routes: 23, 40, 133, 138, 31, 186, 898, 899, G32

 Sansheng Huaxiang
Surroundings: Yinxing Avenue, Bahualin Road, Jixiang Jiayuan Community, Dongcheng Huahui Community, Jinjiang Chuntian Community, Yinmu Jiayuan Community, Sanhua Shengxiang Community, Yinxing Primary School, Sansheng Primary School, Jinjiang District Fuma Primary School, Yucai Middle School, Southwest No.2 Hospital
Bus Routes: 23, 31, 56, 332, 343, 854A, G32, Night Line 10

 Longhua Temple
Surroundings: Xinjian Road, Jinmao Yuelongshan Community, Hupo Tingyuan Community, Yinhe Huayuan Community, Xiboyuan Community, Shimaocheng Community, Baiyuecheng Community, Longhua Temple, Longhua Primary School
Bus Routes: 23, 313, 332

Surroundings:Chenglong Avenue, Zongbu Yihao Community, Huarun Community, Zhuojin Wandai Community, Xiandai Huayuan Community, Taihua Jincheng Community, Siji Yingxiang Community, Wanjuanshan Community, Wanjuanshan Community, Sichuan Normal University Chenglong Campus
Bus Routes: 313, 332, 856
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