Chengdu Metro Line 10

Taipingyuan – Xinping

(Identification Color: Sapphire Blue         )
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Chengdu metro line 10 runs from Taipingyuan to Xinping with the direction of northeast - southwest, covering around 38 kilometers (24 miles) and including 16 stations. It passes Shuangliu International Airport directly. In addition, passengers can easily take metro lines to Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding within one hour. For different trips, the fare varies from CNY2 to CNY8.  The whole journey takes 48 minutes.

See metro maps for reference.


Station To Xinping To Taipingyuan
First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
Taipingyuan 06:00 23:10 -- --
Cujin 06:02 23:13 06:11 23:23
Huaxing 06:05 23:15 06:09 23:21
Jinhua 06:08 23:19 06:05 23:17
T1 of Shuangliu International Airport 06:11 23:22 06:03 23:15
T2 of Shuangliu International Airport 06:14 23:25 06:00 23:12
Shuangliu West Railway Station 06:00 23:30 06:05 23:06
Yingtian Temple 06:02 23:32 06:02 23:04
Huangshui 06:00 23:35 06:00 23:01
Huayuan 06:04 23:38 06:06 22:57
Xinjin Railway Station 06:00 23:41 06:03 22:54
Huaqiao 06:03 23:44 06:00 22:51
Wujin 06:07 23:49 06:06 22:47
Rulin Road 06:09 23:51 06:04 22:45
Liujianian 06:12 23:53 06:02 22:42
Xinping -- -- 06:00 22:40


 Taipingyuan & Shuangliu West: Transfer with Line 3 & Line 7
 Huaxing: Transfer with Line 9

Surroundings and Bus Routes near Stations of Line 10

('' Subway Transfer Stations)

Ticket Office
Ticket Office
Surroundings: Jialing Road, Hetaoyan Road, Nextcity Commercial & Residential Building, Nature Valley Community, Hetao Community, Unique Community, Wuhou District Orthopaedic Hospital, Taipingyuan International Exhibition Center, Sichuan Traffic Management School, Southwest Minzu University (Taipingyuan Campus), Taiping Primary School, No.57 Experimental School, 
Bus Routes: 1, 84, 807, 222, Night Line 11 & 16, 248, 249, 10, 57, 207, 306, 335

Surroundings: Chengshuang Avenue, Julong Road, Bayi Furniture Market, Nanqiao Shuangyi Kindergarten, Morr International Office Building, Lingtong Logistics Park, the 5701 Hospital of PLA, Cujin Park, Agricultural Bank of China
Bus Routes: 10, 57, 807, 261, 1067, G79A, G79, 338

Surroundings: Xinan Ave., Cujinjiayuan Community, Cujinyuan Community, Wuhou Experimental Middle School, Cuqiao Primary School, Guaiwawa Kindergarten, Taihuasi Xiqu Primary School, Haohaizi Kindergarten, Dingfeng Drugstore, Hongqi Supermarket
Bus Routes: 57, 306, 480, 807, 338, 1078

Surroundings: Jinhang Road, Maxin Road, Jiang’an River, Meilidian Huisuo Community, Zhongdachangjing Community, Qiming School, Majiahe Primary School, Xinmiao Kindergarten, Postal Savings Bank 
Bus Routes: 261, 548, 806, 832, 1098

 Terminal 1 of Shuangliu International Airport
Surroundings: North Airport 2nd Road, Airport Highway, Shuangliu International Airport, Qinghua Kindergarten, Jinhui Experimental School, Beijia Caiyi Kindergarten, Chengdu University of Information Technology, Chuannan Hospital, Chengdu Airport Hotel
Bus Routes: Tianfu Airport Shuttle Bus Line 5

 Terminal 2 of Shuangliu International Airport
Surroundings: East Airport 3nd Road, Sichuan Airport Mansion, Dongsheng No.1 Middle School, Shuangliu Middle School, Luojiaci Kindergarten, Southwest Minzu University (Hangkonggang Campus), Chengdu Airport Hotel
Bus Routes: Shuangliu Airport – Chunxi Rd. Night Line, Airport Shuttle Bus Line 5

 Shuangliu West Railway Station
Surroundings: Dajian Road, Nanshou Street, Shuangfu Xinyuan Community, Haoleduo Supermarket
Bus Routes: 811, S08

Surroundings: Muhua Road, Yunling Road, South Yulong Street, Yingtian Temple, Yinhuayuan Community
Bus Routes: S11, S16, S24

Surroundings: Huangshui Road, Hongliu Village, Hongliu Community, Fenghuangyuan Community, Jinshang International Golf Club
Bus Routes: S11, S16

Surroundings: Zhengxiqian Street, Zhengyuan Road, Huayuan Coach Station, Chengdu Vocational University of Art, Taohuayuan Community, Rongyuan Community, Wanbang Wenjing Mingyuan Community, Huayuan Bus Station
Bus Routes: Xinjin Huayuan Line 1B, Xinjiin 530, Xinjin Z3

 Xinjin Railway Station
Surroundings: Qingci Rd., Xinjin Railway Station, Meiyuan Community, Lidu Jiayuan Community, Langqiao Shuixiang Community, Xinjin County Xingle Primary School, Xinjin Weiming School
Bus Routes: Xinjin 530, Xinjin XK7, Xinjin Huayuan Line 1B, Xinjin Huayuan Line 1A, Xinjin Z9, Xinjin XK3

Surroundings: Huaqiao Town Government, Xinjin 3rd Middle School, Baihelin Community, Huaqiao Yayuan Community, Renhe Street
Bus Route: Xinjin 530, Xinjin 527

Surroundings: Yingbin Avenue, Xiwang Road, North Wujin Road, Jindu Yaju Community, Minjiang New City Community, Xiucheng Community, Xinjin Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Construction Bank
Bus Routes: Xinjin 501, 520, 522, 524, 526, 527, 517, 530, 531, G2B, G2, G5B, G5, Xinjin XK1, 

 Rulin Road
Surroundings: Rulin Road, Qingshangdu Community, Xinjin County People’s Hospital, Wujin Government, Lifeng Hotel, Hongxin Hotel, Bank of China
Bus Routes: Xinjin 517, Xinjin Wujin Line 3

Surroundings: Huanghe Avenue, Chuanban Hospital, Jinsanjiao Square, Chunyang Community, Jiangshanduojiao Community
Bus Routes: Xinjin Z7, Xinjin Wujin Line 3

Surroundings: Taiping Street, Taiping Community, Huarun High School, Taihua School
Bus Routes: XK4, Baodun Relics Special Tourist Line, Pujiang 950, Xinjin 517, Xinjin G58, Xinjin G5, Xinjin Wujin Line 3
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